May 10


May 10

I feel like rain

Somedays I feel like rain
Just falling,
Until I hit rock bottom.

It started off okay,
I was high above the clouds
Watching the glittering sunrise
As it washes over me like a warm waterfall.

But then I got sucked into the shade
Where instead of white luscious clouds
Dark angry grey clouds obscured my vision.
While loud claps of thunder stormed through my ears.

Then all wet and soggy
Did the raindrops fall
Like the tears from my red puffed eyes.

Sadness it takes over all of us
It’s the rain falling onto our hopeful faces
Clouding our skies
Making us run inside
To shed the tear like the raindrops.

So somedays I feel like rain
Just falling,
Until I hit rock bottom.
May 04

Dew Drops

Dew drops lie on the shaded grass
Untouched by the moons gentle light.
Whispers of wind reach my ears
But not overpowering the thoughts in my mind.
Through the trees where the stars should be
It remains blank, empty.
Waiting for me to fill the void.
My hopeful eyes get overshadowed
And I turn away.
I don’t want to lose which is why I fight.
I steal the ball and make the shot.
You are in my sky so when
You put me down but they bring me up.
You try to keep me in the dark
But my hands find those who care
And I still find the moon’s rays.
Apr 17

I rise from the storm

We all try to be a beautiful bird
Soaring through the sky.
But we put on a smile and pretend to be sparrow
Instead of the raven.
That having a broken wing is a sin.
That your voice because its ugly has no space to speak.
That breaking feeling of
Self hate,
Brings you to tears on an unsteady branch.
Then when that branch breaks
The wind rushing around you
Tells you, you can either
Fall with
Or rise again.
Just know that
You are not broken, but a bird
Who has flown through a storm.
Apr 08

Small Flowers

Tall trees bend down to greet me
Small flowers blossom in place of my footprints.
Long braided hair still hides my face
These eyes could see the world
But dark grey clouds obscure my vision.
No sun could ever clear the skies.
Rivers run long into the night.
Tears they fall down forever.
I miss when my heart could beat for free.
Trapped by weeds that just won’t let go
Oceans waves will just keep on crashing
Each day will keep on going
The setting sun will rise again.