Apr 03

Ripped Sails

You trample over me and take my shoes,
My heart sore, yet somehow still beating.
You took me,
Wore my clothes,
Spoke my voice
And left me with a shell,
That you still tried to carry.
You took my moon,
Then stuffed out my sun into smoke,
Now I am cold and feeling worthless.
You pushed in between until I could see no shore
While ripping my sails in the wind,
Making me desperate to save myself.
I swam after you, to grab my sun and moon back,
But my heart to sore, weeped along with my tears.
Hoping that someday it will get better.

Mar 30


Honey colored hair waves in the wind
Caribbean stained eyes.
Alone in a field
Dry grass rubbing along her ankle.
Storm clouds rumble over head
Strikes of purple lighting light the sky.
She tries to stand but her legs won’t move
Her thin pale dress flutters with the wind.
The storm draws nearer than rain falls
Soaking her merciless.
Giving up she falls but
Conscious of every moment.
Honey colored hair wet against her shoulders
Alone, trapped, in a field,
That is her mind.

Mar 22

Rivers End

Oceans waves deep in your soul
That sweep me away into your riptide.
Bubble by water
My breaths cut short,
Then again
Each time I look for you.

Mystical stars within your eyes.
Making me dizzy and floaty
While wandering, lost in a map
Of the constellations.

Shivers rise up my back
Cold frost constantly on my neck
While fire on my cheeks.
You make me want to dive into
Distant cool water, to wash away…

Salty tears drip slowly down my face
Like summertime rain down window panes.
Hair in loose braids, strands blown in my face
Moved gently aside by your fingers.
Snowflakes cote me and hide me away
Gone away to rivers end. 
Mar 20

A Penny Heads Up is Good Luck

Soaking me cold to the bone.
Copper penny
       dropping into
           a shallow puddle
Landing in front of me.
Heads up.

Good luck?

I wish,
But every turn I make every choice
I always seem to end up gone,

In an empty field.
       Wind pushes in,
But doesn’t shift my drenched hair,
It just makes me colder.

I flip the penny                     around  
                         around and             in my hand,

Knowing my fingers will smell of metal later.

I think again, and then slide the penny into my damp pocket,
Hoping luck will end up on                 my side.
Afterall a penny heads up is good luck, right?

Mar 18

Tears to Rainbows

Tears drip down her cheeks
Like rain down a window pane.
Blue glossy eyes pear out
Like looking into a reflective puddle.
Her mind races in circles
Dark and sad.
Until he came and wiped her rain tears away
Salty water drips away leaving a rainbow to grace her face
He made her smile
He made her feel like one in a million.
He was her rainbow in her clouds.
He took her hand
And turned her tears to rainbows.


Mar 18

I love you Best Friend

A small white dove flies in the sky
Soft dark eyes gazing in peace.
Though dark storm clouds shower over head
The rays of sun I still seem to find.
Sunsets set then rise
Yet little dove never stops flying.
Though I have to admit that little bird is me
And the only way I can fly for eternity
Is because I have you.
You make me laugh, make me happy.
You make the rain in front of me disappear.
You make me feel like I am important.
Though we live a great distance apart
I am thankful that you are my best friend.
I love you so much.

(This poem is dedicated to an amazing friend who lives a
couple states away. Thank you for being in my life.)

Mar 14

Moon stars

The moon melted into stars
Down to the mundane world
Taking the nights light away forever
And casting it to the ocean
Making waves of light crash to the shore
With stars instead of shells.
The moon melted into the blackness of space
With the stars by its side like best friends.
They travel together no matter where the journey leads them.