Mar 07

Like Frosty Snow

My heart fell
Like frosty snow or
Like golden red leaves lost in autumn.
This love sweeps like wind and
Leads me to dance in the pouring rain,
Until my legs can move no more,
And I collapse into the twilight.
Onto the soil that makes it easy for
My figure to get lost in.
My eyes become glossy but my brain
Hums away at thoughts the
Stellar world has given me.
Yet one thought never seemed to moved on.
My heart fell
When you left,
It was like the sun went out
Or a flame diminishing to a fog.
But now I know that whenever I need you,
That you will be the star in my sky.
Mar 03

The Eternity Rainbow

Across the sky it beams.
Brush strokes of beautiful colors drifting over the
Unveiling each color to the world.
Lifting your head it takes your tears
Like a mother would,
And fills you with hope and light instead.
“Forget all the grey” it seems to say,
While taking over the cloudy blue
“Take in this colored sky”
While it leaves you in awe.
“Enjoy it while you’re young”
“Enjoy it for as long as you are alive.”
Because all you need to know, is that when
The rainbow dissipates into the sky
It will be forever invisible to the eye,
But it will live on for eternity in the heart.
Mar 03

Sand Writing

Mar 01

Kindness lasts Longer than a Sunset

The sun has disappeared under the horizon
Yet the the sky is still lit.
Clouds illuminate orange and pink,
While lighter blues sweep behind as a backdrop.
At this moment in time I feel so small,
That nothing could ever bad happen,
That every life is equal.
The clouds colors begin to fade,
Like all good, it sadly comes to an end.
My heart feels heavier and my clear eyes gaze at
what is left.
Why does it have to end?
Why must good have a limit?
While we can’t stop the sun from leaving,
We can work towards better ways.
We humans have accomplished many difficult
But we can’t seem to achieve kindness,
One of the most important things.
Mar 01

A Couple Million Writers

If it wasn’t a dark and stormy night
And it wasn’t a long long time ago,
Then what was it?
Well I will tell you,
It was a story told down by family to family,
Remembered by heart before paper.
It was stuck in young minds
Inspiring you to take your first stride.
It was your night and day,
While traveling to the corners of space.
It was your sweet smelling moments,
As well as the dark scary seconds.
This story writes every move,
It is your story, you write,
You are the author of your life
Feb 27

Wondering Tides

Rolling waves crash on the beach
Creating wind that messes with my hair
My heart beats the rhythm of my step.
Salty water obeys the moon and rises
Then falls.
Tides always keeps me wandering.
Then wondering as stars cover the sky.
Sand seeping around my feet
Silently telling me to stay.
But I can’t, I step further and further
The waves spraying,
The wind blowing,
My heart pounding.
Feb 22

Drip a River

They all wished for sun shine
For clear bluebird skies.
Each one complaining that their life is the worst.
But from what I learned you make you life suck
When all you do is complain and believe in negativity.
I chose to dance in the rain and let it soak me to the bone,
I chose to let myself smile and feel the love around me.
So instead of waiting for the sun, dance in the rain,
Let it fall onto your cheeks, lips and hair.
Allow it to refresh you for the life ahead.
Then as they all wait for sunshine,
Accept the rain and dance with a smile,
Until you are wet enough to drip a river.

Feb 21

In A Meadow

In a meadow
Where the wind can run free through my hair,
Where the air is fresher and sweeter than after a storm,
Where my dress flows carefully through tall pale grass.
In a meadow
Where I am free to sprint forever and my legs never tire,
Where my voice empowers the wind to blow harder,
Where I love everything around me,
All it is, is just me, my dress, the field and the sky.
In a meadow
With tall wild grass, I live forever in this endless bliss.
Feb 20

Happy Moments

You said to go follow my dreams
But when my dreams consist of you,
My desires slip through my fingers
And my gaze is flipped to you.
You catch my eye
And make my breath feel like my last,
You make my heart beat right out of my chest,
Like the beat was made for you.
You distract me from the most capturing pictures
Making my eyes leave the sunset forever.
When you speak, I get lost,
As if I am wandering in the most beautiful forest ever.
They all told me to wait for no one
But I still could not help but wait for you,
You capture me and make me dread the moments without you.
So as your day ticks on
Just know that I am thinking of
And I hope your mind is on