Feb 08


Never do I feel more alive then in the mornings
When the sunrises shine over mountains
And with each shaky breath takes in fresh cold air,
The dewdrops glissade onto my ankles.
Brisk sweet air flies through my hair,
The dirty blonde strands brush along my face.
My eyes wander, gazing at each beautiful sight,
Before returning back to my running shoes.
My exercise jacket fits tight to me and my ponytail is pulled high.
I take a step,
And then another,
Faster and faster I am
Running down the road, advancing towards the rising sun.

Feb 07

Star Filled Shells

Sea shells rest in the sand,
The salty ocean gently
Falling over and over again.
The millions of stars that lay overhead
Come loose and fall
To the sea.
Toppling into off white shells,
Giving them glowing bright magic.
The sky and sea are now flip flopped,
With the stars down here
And the blank navy ocean up there.
Gracious small hands
Take star filled shells, back to their hearts,
While the open sky waits for them to come back

Feb 03

I Want the World to End with You

The sun will only set once
Over the new horizon
Where my lovesick eyes gaze off.
These days are ticking to an end
My heart will not pound forever.
The tide will only be up one more time
And I won’t see you for much longer.
Take hold of my hand then,
Let my heart not break,
I will take you to a place
Where we can watch that sunset
And see the azure tide fall.
I want you to know
Before these last moments
I want the world to end with you.
So please let me take you to this watchful meadow,
And then kiss me, as the world falls away around us.

Feb 03


There is a place where all four seasons meet
Where snowflakes land on spring pink flowers,
Where sweet summer rain lands on
Krisp autumn leaves.
There is a place where
The snow doesn’t melt
Despite the sunny season.
Where dead leaves find
The blossoming live flowers.
There is a place where the brook can run free
Even though the dead of winter roams loose.
Where the winter sun sets
Over the summer’s green hills.
There is a place where all four seasons meet,
In a world called paradise.

Jan 31

My Ravens Wings

My wings carry me farther and higher
Into the rainbow like sunset,
Black as raven’s wings do my own wings
Flap to the beat of the sky.
The ocean below me shines a deep dark blue
The clouds in the distance are like cotton candy swirls.
My long and radiant hair flourishing behind me.
But dark clouds come
And the sweet rain smudges my wings
Black paint drizzling down the side.
The beautiful sunset is blurred all together
While my golden hair weeps onto the dark ocean.
It is all blended colors, no shapes,
No wings for my back,
No beautiful sunset,
Only a mixture of colors representing what it should have looked like .

Jan 31

Falling Stars

The last of the sun dipped out of sight
Leaving the moon to reflect
On to the water’s surface,
Where it captures the falling stars.
Into the deep blue water
Do these dreams vanish.
Tangled gold hair flies in her face
As she gazes out at the tide,
Pale pink dress rustling in the wind.
Each star falls to the welcoming ocean
Each star trying its best to grant her wish,
Each one hoping to get to her,
But only one star falls into her open hand.

Jan 27

Without You

Without you
The sun could not shine
And the waves could not roll.
Without you
The moon loses its stars
And the earth loses its sky.
Without you
My heart won’t have a beat
And my lips lost to a whisper.
Without you.
My world is stopped
And longing for your return.

Jan 27

Where I am meant to be

When I left
I guess I underestimated
How much I would miss it.
The salty rolling waves
That would dance up to my ankles.
The sunsets with your arm around me
While gazing out to the ocean on warm sand.
The gentle sway of Palm trees
Giving shade from the burning sun.
Those early mornings
Where I could run forever on the beach.
I miss the warm weather
I miss that house.
But I found you here
In this snowy magical land
And I realized that this place is where
I am meant to be.