Feb 14
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11 years after the events of The Thing

Why am I still living in this town? I should have moved ages ago. Seriously, what keeps me here? What kind of crazy person must I be to be living in my childhood home? So close to the house where I got the scars that cover my arms and legs. A house in the middle of abandoned homes, victims who weren't as lucky as me. Victims of the creature, victims of god knows what else in those woods. I'm the last one who is still alive in what is now called the village of the dead, houses close to the woods that have been steadily emptied by the woods’ inhabitants. I tried to save this town, I tried to warn them but people called me crazy and made me an outcast. And now here I am, living out my half-life in my childhood home, surrounded by memories of the dead. 
Feb 14
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Away In The Dark

Away In The Dark...

A rough hangout

A place you go to get silence, shot or worse

An abandoned cigarette pack under the street light 

An old Gasoline pump on the ground

A dirty tough hoodlum eyeing you 
A switchblade slashes through the dark night

A shimmering ray of steel and death

And things have just gone from bad to worse
Away in the dark, there is no law

And no one to save you from the rough silent slash of death

Away in the dark, there’s no one to hear when you shout out in fear

Anybody out there?

Oct 08
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The Thing

Two years after the events of The Forest

I’m walking home from school when I see it. The leaves in the woods rustle with movement. It's early in October so is suppose it could just be someone taking a stroll in the woods, taking in the beautiful early fall leaves. But I doubt it, scarcely anyone has ventured into those woods since a woman went missing in them a couple of years ago. Although a body was ever found, rumor has it that the police found evidence of her being dragged off by some kind of unidentified creature. Besides, the rustling in the woods is far too big to be made any kind of human short of a star basketball player. 
Oct 08
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The forest

Run. This is the only word that has been going through my mind for the last hour or so. It feels hard to even keep track of the time in my tired, broken down body as I sprint through the desolate forest I thought I knew so well. 

    2 hours earlier. I thought I would go on a walk through the forest, just to get some fresh air in my body. As I had been cooped up in my house the entire day, I figured I would just stick to the trail that I had walked many times before. And so I headed out. It was a pretty standard walk until I noticed a new trail, one that I could have sworn hadn't been there just the week before. I decided to go down it to see where it led. I walked down it for a while, not really paying much attention to where my feet were taking me. After walking for a while, I started to hear something kind of like another set of feet walking next to me. 
Feb 02
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Luck Machines

The entire world changed when the first luck machine was built. At first, only the richest could afford them but soon they were going out to the public very fast. After only a year almost everyone in the word had a luck machine. Soon the governments outlawed luck machine as they moved the economy to quickly, people would go out with their luck machine use it to get enough luck to make a fortune in a day, spend some of it and then lose it the next day to someone else with a luck machine. After the worldwide ban on luck, machines was created the public was outraged. Riots broke out all over the world government agencies were attacked, martial law was activated in six countries. Two countries had their governments overthrown. Two years after the ban the United Nations met to find a solution to their problem. The decision was made to make a brand new luck machine. But this model would be different, the new luck machine would give you luck equal to the amount of work you did.
Oct 30
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The Coldest Seaon

Winter, the coldest season

There is something about winter that makes you marvel

The many miracles that nature gives us at this time probably have something to do with it

The snow for instance

White particles that glide down from the heavens toward earth

Like angels descending to earth, each and every one different

In our mind we know that it is nothing more than frozen rain

But you can’t help but feel in the heart that it is a miracle

Another miracle is the peace

So many critters, small and large go to their dens for the season during this cold cold winter time

Giving the natural world so much peace and quiet

The world is almost like a blank canvas in winter time

The soft white snow making the world look fresh and new

Almost no animals to spoil it with footprints