Feb 21

Relative Existence

I am the one who takes long walks in the rain when rumbling thunder rolls in, walking through quaint puddles, dancing through the ones that seemed to eat up more and more of the sidewalk, as more and more rainfall soaks the already satisfied soil. I like many others, find joy in sailing the seas, the salty air, raving waves and the sound of the harboring boats soothe me. The cawing of crows with their gallant black feathers reminds me of when I’d sit for hours, and ponder on the swing set near home during fall. Watching the purest of blue skies fade into a picture-perfect sunset. Ruffling the leaves. Quiet crunch underfoot, as I climb the hill leading back home. I bleakly mutter the rhyme my mother had once taught me, the one I had used to wish many wishes upon that first sparkling star that dotted the sky. I had once loved how the snow sprinkled down, each little snowflake, each one sophisticated and quite cold. 
Jan 24

My Pencils

I’m grateful for:

My pencils. My twenty-four pack of Prisma color Premier colored pencils. Neatly places in the tin with colorful illustrations atop of the container. The plastic inserts dividing the colors, ridged and smooth. Ultramarine, and a certain shade of apple green, The tip of my colored pencil sharp while it still dances atop of my artist paper. Neatly filling in the blanks.
Jan 22
poem 1 comment challenge: Reach

Grasp The Moon

If only I could reach a little further… I’d grasp the moon in my hands and give it to you. I’d let you hold it near, and dear to that adoring heart of yours. If only I could reach a little farther I’d reach up and cradle the sun in my arms till I could hand it to you. Till you needed a little something else to brighten up your day. You’d ask for the world and this was all I could give. If only I could reach a little farther… 
Jan 22
fiction 0 comments challenge: Reach


My heart thumped and bumped against my rib cage, needing to get out, needing to escape. Attempting to race away like I only wished I could do. The footsteps neared closer and closer. my heart now seemed to sink into my stomach then only to get caught in my throat, which is what I wish my scream would have done. The door handle rattled and the floorboards creaked. I couldn’t break free, the ropes around me seemed to wrap tighter, and tighter around me till I could no longer move. I frantically glanced around the dark, shadow shrouded room. And there it was… My way out of here if only I could reach a little farther… 
Jan 21
poem 0 comments challenge: Fifteen


Feb 04
poem 0 comments challenge: 4Photos

Beyond orange

As I entered the dazzling hallway, eye catching colors fluttered among the walls. Oranges, bittersweet, apricot, and coral colors stretched wide in

the tunnel. As my hand slid along the polished, continuous wood, I looked down tiny pebbles. Tiny pebbles scattered about the solid concrete

sidewalk. I now neared the end of the passage, the light shone through, glistening among the shiny stone walkway. Warm gusts of wind made my

hair dance like trees swaying in the wind. Trees stretched far and wide like a vast sea of greenery.

The scent of fresh wild flowers and roses filled the air like a sweet perfume.
Oct 30

A winter whisper

The wind whispered a poem of winter into my ear,

nipping at my nose.

The soft snow crunched under my bulky, black boots

as I walk into a wondrous, white world.

The world hushed,

almost silent and caressed in a glistening blanket of snow,

Burying springs beauty

and making something more memorable.

The evergreens swayed,

almost dancing in the wind,

coated in frost from yesterday's glowing storm.

I stomped up the daring hill

forcing myself to stay afoot.

The snow was deep,

but up ahead,

submerging from the depth of the blinding, white water,

emerged a large fallen tree.

I plopped myself down onto the ground

making snow fly up,

and watching it come down.

It rests onto my head, feeling it melt upon my neck.