Oct 09


It seems I've been betrayed

Not by my enemies

And not by my friends

But by myself

I am my own worst enemy

Telling myself

“You don’t matter”

“You’re worthless”

I know somewhere

That it isn’t the truth

That’s what everyone tells me

“You matter”

I try not to listen

Convince myself otherwise

But it has stopped

I've betrayed myself

By loving the person I am

And I've decided

“I matter.”

Oct 04

in the pumpkin patch

In the pumpkin patch,

You said you loved me.

Was that just a ruse?

Another lie?

Did you think I’d forget all you’d done

To me

My friends

My family

My loved ones

In the pumpkin patch you told me you would never lie again

It’s funny now,

Looking back on it,


That I ever believed you

(its spooky season wooo)
Oct 02


She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way.

If you just glanced at her, you could call her ‘just another girl’

But if you looked, really looked

You could see what she wanted to hide,

The weight of her sorrow,

Her confusion,

How when she stood up she winced, as if her memories were dragging her down




Then, she would glance around


Plaster on a smile,

Go about her day.

She was beautiful not in a ‘plastic’ sort of way,

But beautiful because she has survived

And her strength was beautiful.  


(sorry for the lack of posting, i only have time to write during school, but i'll try to post more!)
Sep 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Here


It had been a long time, but now he was here.
I had known he would be arriving soon,
I had heard whispers and such from the doctors.
Along with the slight burning and low buzzing of the machines,
The loss of hair,
Constant coughing,
And the blood that was appearing everywhere.
I knew it would be my time soon enough.
The worst part of this is leaving everyone I love,
Making them suffer.
They could probably fill a lake with the tears they have shed for me.
I don’t want their pity.
He is drawing closer now, observing my vitals.
It will all be over soon enough.
I ask him one thing, one last request;
“Make it quick.”
He must have heard me,
He ever so slightly nods,
And I close my eyes, preparing for the end.


this is insipred by the song 'cancer' by my chemical romance, i hope you like it! :)
Sep 20
poem 4 comments challenge: Creature



That’s what they yell at me from across the street.


That’s what they said when they followed me home.


That's what they shout when they punch me in the chest again and again and again.


I am no ‘creature.’

Just a person,

Trying to survive,

In a world where being different must be something to feel ashamed of.

Something to hide.



i hope this isn't horrible! this is my first attempt to write poetry, so i'm very sorry if it sucks :)