Feb 21
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For the life of one

Five seconds is all it takes to leave this earth behind.

Just this morning I kissed my family goodbye and said, “See you later,” little did they know that later would just be an understatement. I drove to the store and bought a gun, I had expected it to be way harder, and yet, it only took four steps. The first second: The cashier asks if I am over the age of 21? Second number two: can I see your state ID?three: I wait as they run a background check. Second number four:: they hand me a gun. I dart out the door, rush into my car and drove into the woods. The fifth second
Oct 29
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One Friday afternoon I was walking home from school as I hear faint noises that seemed to be coming from people in the distance I turn. I was a little surprised because I live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees. But as the people got closer I notice they are kids, around my age and they were yelling run. And then I saw this huge thing in the sky It looks like some kind of huge jet. And then I noticed huge missile-like things dropping from it and when it hit the ground, it exploded. I decided to join the group of kids I led them to my house, we waited for a while until the sounds died down. We were about to go outside when a kid named Hunter jumped in front of the door and said do you hear it. Hear what I replied shhh he said, It appeared to be some sort of a buzzing sound. I looked out the window and I saw it a plane headed our way. The only thing I could think of that was safe and that had resources was a secret bunker about a half a mile into the woods.