Oct 31
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147 Oak Street

     It had been four years since I had stood before this house. Since then, me and my parents had moved all the way across town and I had shoved down the memories of this place. The house where I was born. Where I took my first steps and spoke my first words. The house that had sheltered me for twelve years. In those four years after I left I never allowed myself to come anywhere near this house. Even if I was running late, I took a long roundabout way. I refused to even drive by it. And now I am standing in front of it again. I’m not sure what possessed me to come here at 4:28 a.m. after all this time, just a sudden urge. An irresistible feeling that was impossible to ignore as I tossed and turned in bed. Finally persuading me to grab my car keys and slip out the window.  
Feb 13
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Lurking in the forest deep,                                          

Where no one hears them leap or weep.

There they live and there they stay,

Under the leaves where the shadows sway.

With talents from your wildest dreams,

Graceful as the flowing streams.

On the bank they sing and dance,

But no one thinks to spare a glance.

You’ll find no word in history,

They have always been a mystery.

You may search but you look in vain,

They are not meant to be contained.

Through the trees they will race,

Like a ghost you’ll find no trace.
Oct 18
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Just Like The World Around Her

 Spring is here and she has changed, just like the world around her. Her hair is dark brown and wavy like the rich soil beneath her feet. Her eyes are a dark green like the countless shoots sprouting from the ground and the lush vegetation surrounding her. She has become kind, gentle, inquisitive, and calm. Her skin is now the color of light honey. Her breath is warm like the soft sunlight shining down on her. Summer is coming and she is changing, just like the world around her.
    Summer is here and she has changed, just like the world around her. Like a waterfall her hair flows down her back, yellow and curly like the intense sunlight blanketing everything. Her eyes are a deep blue, matching the sky above her. Her breath is hot and dry like the weather enveloping the world. She has become humorous, friendly, energetic, and boisterous. Her skin has altered to tan, like the color of caramel. Autumn is coming and she is changing just like the world around her.