Vacation In Florida

Mar 19
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Could Only Wish

I loved you more than you could ever know.

I loved you more than I could ever show.

I loved you more than words could describe.

​I regret loving you.

I regret wanting you.

I regret knowing you.

As each day passes,

It gets harder,

Knowing that I will never have you.
Mar 19


Seeing the Beauty in Nature

Mar 15

Emotional Connection

For me it is hard to have a place with an emotional connection.  I have never been in the same place my whole life. The only constant for me has been going to Pennsylvania to see my Uncle John and cousin Brianna.  It is crazy to think that going there has been a constant for me and not living in the same place my whole life. My whole life has been basically going back and forth between my parents, moving, and traveling.  The one place that I do love going to so I can escape from the world is my Aunts in Hardwick.
Mar 15

The Elevator

Two hours pass and the elevator is finally coming to a stop.  As it stops the light in the elevator start to flicker and the doors slowly start to open.  As the door opened I could see the lights in the hall flickering. I slowly start to walk forward and step out of the elevator.  As I stepped out of the elevator I felt a cold breeze and heard whispers. I looked around but still nobody was there. The doors were all shut on each side of the hall and papers were scattered all around the floor.  On each side of the hall there was blood dripping down the walls, windows were broken, and names were written. I could smell the terrible stench of rotting flesh of both humans and animals. I slowly started walking down the hall and looking around.  Looking into each room as I passed them I could see the remains of people and their pets. The stench was so bad I had to keep myself from puking. It got colder as I went farther down the hall and I had shivers down my spine.