Mar 08
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Trapped. Alone. Scared. That is what the family of four felt like on August 8th, 1986. “Mom, are we going to die?” The mom replies, “No, of course not.” Not knowing if she was right or wrong. They sit quietly in the basement, carefully listening to their house, full of valuables, get torn apart by the 300mph winds outside. All they hear is the constant falling of glass, furniture breaking, and the cracking of wood beneath their beds and wardrobes. They watch as their garage gets ripped apart. The bottom floor of the house gets torn apart by the winds. The basement is now completely vulnerable. The child asks again “Mom, are we going to die?” The mom replies in anguish, “I don’t know anymore sweetheart.”

Nov 20
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           Driving through the woodlands with a blizzard, a blizzard I say, coming my way. On route to town, down the road I go, but instead I might just go home. I very much just may. Make way I say, make way, for I have to go home I say! For a blizzard, a blizzard may just be heading our way. I rush home, passing the speed limit. Until I start to slip and slide down the windy Vermont road until my car crashes. I get out, out! And start to run, I scream “A blizzard is coming, a blizzard is coming!” Then the snow starts to fall once more, for it is not a blizzard, nor a storm, it is a peaceful Vermont snowfall. At that very moment, I realize that winter can be a beautiful season, but at the same time: catastrophic.

Nov 13
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I put on my boots while the sky is drizzling upon me, sitting on my porch, gazing at the outdoors. I set out into the wilderness, curious to find berries. I step into the woods in my backyard, I find a blackberry bush alone in the woods surrounded by trees and brush. I was picking the berries and putting them into my back pocket, completely forgetting about them.

On my way back to my cottage, by myself, surrounded by trees and brush, cooking a brawn stew with natural carrots. The carrots were grown by themself, alone, surrounded by trees and brush. With a side of blackberries grown by themself, alone, surrounded by trees and brush. And there I was consuming this stew by myself alone, surrounded by trees and brush.

Sep 26
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There is a man who is named Hugo. Although he lives in New York, he is a reporter for the Chicago Daily News. He takes a 8:00 train ride every moring and a 9:00 train ride back to New York. One day he got up, his alarm didnt go off. He was about to be late for his train ride.

He tried to get ready as fast as he could, but he missed it. He ended up taking a 11:00 train ride. The ride was cold, dark, and sketchy. He got to work late, he and his boss Jim had a long talk. Hugo got fired beause there is nobody to do the news. The backup news guy was sick.