Mar 15
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Wait, wheres Bethany?

Bethany appeared on December 19th, 2010. I was six years old. She comforted me. She became like my guardian angel. We played together all the time. I asked her opinions on dresses or on my hair. She is very honest! When I turned seven she got me a photo. It was a picture of me and her. I went to go show my mom, but she got confused and asked me if I hit my head. I shook my head and said “Mommy don’t you see Bethany?!”

“Jamie, it's just you in that photo!” My mother exasperated. She doesn't understand me, I thought to myself. Bethany is real, and my mom just wants to be mean. For my 8th birthday Bethany got me a plant! I ran to my mom again and showed her. She got confused and said I picked it! Could you believe it?! How could she still not see Bethany!

70 is the almost perfect.

When I saw him, he was perfect. His name was 70 fahrenheit. His hair was blonde, with almost silver highlights. It had a slight curl, it was semi long, a perfect length. His skin color was a olive tone, he had freckles on his nose. His eyes were ocean blue, with a hint of gray. His nose was well proportioned on his face, a little big. Being 70 degrees you weren't perfect, but you are the closest thing there is to it. His smile could make angels sing. His teeth were mostly straight, his bottom teeth had a little gap. His style was was 80s/ 90s look. He had glasses looked sort of like harry potter. He was a little arrogant, but his kindness overpowered it. His skin was cool to the touch. He was almost perfect!



“Half off tickets, get yours now!“ the circus boy yelled. I tugged on my father's sleeve, “Father can we please go to the circus, its almost my birthday“ I whined.

“Marie, now isn’t the time, money is very tight.“ He said that in a strict tone which is why I didn't argue. In 1871 PT Barnum's circus is what everyone was chatting about. My eyes couldn’t be pulled away from the sight of the tent. Thinking of the dazzling trapeze dancers or the giants! I felt a tug at my arm, my father gave me a look. I knew that look, it was the, get over it look. He gives me that look everytime I ask to go. We caught a carriage home which was pleasant. I walked inside our home, I went into the kitchen to fix myself a snack. “ Marie, please come to the common room.” I sighed, I could only of the things my father had to say.

“Hello father, what do you need?“ a sassy tone escaped my voice.
Dec 03
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                          The day was ordinary. I seven years old when I looked at the number 6. I bet you are wondering, I look at 6 all the time, I have seen that before. But have you seen a color with it? Like picture the number 6, did you see a color with it? I see yellow. Anyways, I started to bring it to my dads attention and he thought it was just my imagination. Well I grew older and it only got stronger. My dad finally took me to a psychiatrist. He was concerned with my moms death that my mind was trying to save itself. But in fact I had Synesthesia. A condition where I can look at an object, day, or month and see a color. It's become a distraction. I can’t go through regular math without my mind being distracted by colors. Yellow, blue, purple, white. My mind is drowning in colors. People asked me, oh Angelina what day is it? I say wednesday, and then all the sudden my mind snaps to black. That's the color I see with it.
Sep 26
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The Scream

I entered into the abandoned mental hospital. All alone. I opened the door and it made a loud creaking noise which made me jump. I started to sweat. I was very nervous. I walked into a bedroom. I looked at the bed: the bed was torn with a dark red stain. I sat there and stared at the sight. I thought about the people who must have been tortured here. A cold shiver slid down my spine. I left the room quickly after that.

I walked down the stairs not knowing where I was going. When I reached the bottom a feeling of someone looking at me fell upon me. I flashed my flashlight and soon my mind flooded with fear: This was the torture room. I heard a dripping noise. I was coming from behind me. I turned and what happened next terrified me. All of a sudden a bloody scream came out of nowhere. “Help me!” those were the words that I last heard.