May 04
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Post-Endgame Feelings (no spoilers)

I'd just seen Endgame.
My world was a blur.
I stepped out of the theater
A little unsure.

I stood there, quietly.
Feeling loved and betrayed.
Never has a movie
like this one been made.

The popcorn smell lingered,
In the cold, humid air.
I see fans alike crying.
Walking 'round, here and there.

I hear Kelly, "Let's go,
We'll cry the ride back."
Meanwhile Sam's more concerned
if we can please stop for snacks.

A tear rolls down,
Though this isn't the end.
I love you, dear Marvel.
I love you 3,000.
Apr 26
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Letters From a Junior in April

April 25, 2019

April 26, 2019
Dear Diary, Allow me to clarify from yesterday. Why, dear God, did you allow school to be this terrible?! With AP exams, SATs, chorus concerts, track meets, various club/society meetings, finals, science NECAPs, marching practice, mini school concerts, AND prom on everyone's mind, how can we be expect us to focus things like... friends. Or, healthy eating and sleeping. Or like grades. Wow, who'da thunk that even with our terrible class, we're all almost seniors. We need to step up our game, I'm the who do pretty much everything
April 27, 2019
Dear Diary,
Apr 11
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Who I Am

That’s me,
second from the right,
the one awkwardly scratching her chin,
the one spacing out so far
Major Tom couldn’t pull me back in.
I'm the one who’s not swinging,
or texting, or chatting.
But I’m with my friends, and they don’t care
if I’m shy and reserved,
or that I’m awkward in public.
They bring me with them,
just because they like to have me around.
They like my company.
I listen to their problems,
not because I'm too anxious to tell them mine,
but because I care.
But also because I’m too anxious that if I start,
I might never stop.
Same reason I choose not to swing.
So scared of how a tiny bit of relief will feel,
that I never want it to happen.
I’m like the Eeyore of the group.
I may not be the happiest person in the world,
but that doesn’t matter,
because my friends love me
for who I am
with social anxiety
and all of my quirks.
Apr 08
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My Home

My home has been different almost every year. Home started out in Brooklyn, NY. Small town, Vermont is quite different from that. And Hanover, NH is quite different from both. I've lived in the city, the suburbs, and out in the boonies, and each setting has their perks... And their downsides in Vermont, nothing is in walking distance. In Hanover, everyone's already friends. I finally made my way into a circle of friends and let me tell you, it was not easy. Fortuneately (and unfortunately), I was too young to remember any of the bad parts of life in the city. But i imagine they existed. Home is different for everyone, and i have yet to find out where my next home will be.
Apr 08
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i foresee a world

I foresee a world.
One where people are free.
To do what they want, and love who they love
And people can simply just be.

I foresee a world,
Where I’m not shamed for questions
I’m not shamed for love,
Not shamed for agression.

I foresee a world
Sans toxic-masculinity
Where men can be soft,
Without fear of femininity.

I foresee a world
Where people can thrive
Where people can forgive
And be glad to be alive.
Mar 14
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Let the Light In: My Existential Crisis

I remember vividly. It was end of May or early June. This picture perfect afternoon… Oh, no wait, that’s a song. Ah yes, it was autumn. Sam and I were walking through the neighborhood, when an unpleasant thought infiltrated my mind.
“So… like, I know you say I’m 'really fun,' bu-...”
“‘But’ what?” Sammy boy interrupts.
“But, like” I hesitated. “Am I… real?”
Sam looks at me, he seems slightly kerfuffled. He has this look he gives me when he thinks something’s up where he squints his eyes and crinkles his nose and raises one eyebrow. He looks away but says, “Well you’re real to me.” And I thought for a moment.
“So I’m not real to anyone else?”
Mar 08
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Tales From a Storm Shelter

Listen to the wind.
Like a man who has sinned,
It thrashes and screams and shouts.
Our hopes may have thinned
but it's only the wind.
Let go now of any and all doubts.

The heavens now cry,
As trees and leaves fly.
But children are calmed and regaled.
So worry not why,
Just let the clouds cry.
You're safe now, the doors have been nailed.

Sam put that down!
Sweet Emma don't frown.
This storm will be all over soon
We’re all safe for now.
Then we’ll all go lay down
Beneath the pale light of the moon.

It’s just one more hour
Till we don’t have to cower.
And the sun is shining again.
The earth will then flower,
In this short, golden hour.
There's no need to fret, my friend.

Mar 01
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You Won't Believe This!

When I came home from school,

I found myself in shock.

The beds all gathered by the pool,

The couches stand round the grandfather clock.

There’s confetti everywhere,

and food all strewn about.

There’s armoires running here and there

until they all pass out.

The toaster’s jumping in the tub

as appliances holler “Stop!”

There’s forks and knives in every shrub

While napkins danced on top.

Though difficult not to double take

I felt a shiver up my bones

I then found myself lying awake.

In my bedroom, all alone.
Feb 23
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She laughs at inappropriate moments
She has a funny sense of humor.

She doesn't understand
how people are feeling.

She cries long and hard,
leaving her face red and streaky.

She knows the answer,
but doesn't talk.

She knows the way,
But refuses to walk.

She sees the trends
but won't get involved.

She need not worry
what others will think,

For she was beautiful,
But in a different sort of way.
Feb 08
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Which Pet?

Which pet will best suit my needs?
I see puppers and doggos galore,
but what I want is so, so much more.
Dogs are great, and not much exceeds.
The pet store closes in five.

I need a pet who’ll fascinate,
who’ll make my guests say, “WOW!”
I need to make my decision now.
There’s no time left to waste.
The pet store closes in four.

I looked at every bunny,
I also looked at birds.
Across the street, I see llama herds,
When mom says, “It’s time to go, honey.”
The pet store closes in three.

Maybe an iguana? Nah,
Iguana’s don’t seem right.
Oh woah, is that lizard white?
How ‘bout a fluffy cat, to feel bourgeois?
The pet store closes in two.

My time is running out,
I need an animal quick!
I don't know which one I'm going to pick,
Should I choose beak or snout?
The pet store closes in one.