Dec 21
poem 1 comment challenge: Snow
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The Vermont Poem: Next Generation

It has come to my attention,
that just like my mother,
I do not write Vermont poems.

I will tell of no weary pines.
with branches aching
from holding snow.

Not a single utterance will be uttered
about the glossy, glassy, icicles 
dangling from the porch.

No frozen mud puddle
in the shape of a rose
that cracks under feet
like a piece of fine China

And I cannot—because I will not—
talk about fresh, glistening snow
and the satisfying *CRUNCH* it makes.
Or how it sparkles in the early morning
when you go to let the dogs out.

I don't write Vermont poems either mom!
I'm witty, just like you.
Now let's go watch our favorite movie,
it's getting really cold out here!
Dec 17
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My Defective Power

Dec 06
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That Wall

Do you ever feel 
like life is written for you?
You ever feel like your thoughts aren’t your own.
You ever feel like some sixteen-year-old theatre geek
is sitting in front of a computer,
writing about how you feel.
You ever wanna just… 

reach out.

Push on that wall over there.
No, not that wall!
This one.
You know, 
the one marked, “Do not push.”
What would happen?

Hey you, I asked you a question.
Yeah, you.
What would I see?

A god?
A writer?
A cartoonist?
A director holding his camera?

There’s got to be more than this.
Nov 30
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My Favorite Song

It can be interesting sometimes. Not necessarily good or bad, just… Interesting. It’s always funny to see people’s reactions when you say you can see music. But as I explain this weird and wonderful condition o’ mine, they start to vaguely understand.

“Does it hurt?”

“Can you see what I’m saying?”

“Can you still hear the music?”

“How do you drive with music on?”
Nov 14
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Ginger Jam

"I always thought you used fresh ginger..."

"No no no, Lana-Rose," Jaja pats my hand, "Candied ginger. Good thing I’m teaching you now, or else you’d have some very spicy jam.”
Every year my grandmother used to send us a jar of ginger jam with a box of oranges. I ate that stuff on everything. One year, I went to Florida to visit her. I was so excited because I would finally be learning how to make this illustrious ginger jam.
“It’s THAT simple?”

“Yeah. Just boil the ginger long enough to get all the preservatives out, then you just blend it.”

“Hm. I always thought it was so good, so it must be really difficult.”

“You and Tante Sylvie, you love that jam. You know she will have jam with anything! A ham sandwich, sopropo, she’s crazy.”

I chuckle a little, “I guess the best things in life are simple.”
Nov 01
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The Definition of a Crush

CRUSH: noun. Possibly THE most attractive, funny, smart, athletic, talented, best dressed guy to ever walk into your life. He's the reason you get a little dressed up and starts caring about what you wear. He's the reason you look forward to going to school and the reason you dread coming home. Him just saying, "Hi" has the power to to make you feel like you're walking on a bridge made of rainbows, flowers, butterflies, sunshine, glitter, happiness, and everything else good in the world. You feel special when he talks to you. You feel wanted when he smiles at you.
Oct 23
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**Warning: Opinion Alert**

You know what's sad? In the entire history of the United States Supreme Court, there have only been four woman who've been appointed. And worse, only one has been a non-white woman. Only one! The number of non-white, non-male Supreme Court justices, is now LESS than the number of Supreme Court justices who've been appointed in the midst of sexual misconduct allegations. Yeah, I mean Brett Kavanaugh, don't @ me... And don't think we've forgotten about Clarence Thomas. Women and other minorities need to start being in more positions of power. I want to see an LGBTQ+ president before I die. I used to joke about wanting Michelle Obama and Oprah as President and VP, but after the disappointing 2016 election, I think we, the feminists, deserve that. After having a misogynist, xenophobe, who takes on the role of president like it's just another one of his businesses that could go bankrupt at any time, we need a big change from that.
Oct 19
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Mean Makes you Ugly

There's plenty of creatures in Ireland.
But none of them are like me.
Your attitude can getcha damned
But you can't be blamed for being ugly.

I've tried reversing my stepmum's curse.
Everyday, it's just no use.
There's only me that I can blame,
I've no other excuse.

Back when I was a wee young thing,
my stepmum came and said,
"Don't be mean, it makes you ugly."
And I was until the end.

The older I got, the more I was mean.
And I got uglier as I got meaner.
​In addition to this, it also destroyed 
my self esteem and demeanor. 

Young children would scream,
as I walked through the park.
Stray cats would look up and yowl,
and dogs in the streets could never control
their viscious and hateful howl.

Such a creature like me
deserves just what he got.
He's bereft of a friend.
He's bereft of a lot.

So listen to your parents.
Oct 12
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A Different Soul Indeed

"You're a different soul, aren't you?"
This vagabond says to me.
"The way you do the things you do
and see what folks don't see."

I stand about just five foot six
with a curly kinky mane.
But living among these rocks and sticks
can drive someone insane.

I have a touch of OCD.
And to go with that some ADD
When something's set up differently,
that something's all that I can see.

Show tunes are my only joy,
my one true dream and passion.
I'm not the type who'd chase some boy,
or care for the latest fashion.

That's just the tip of the iceberg though,
there's more than what you see.
You're different to those who, to you, are unknown.
A different soul indeed.
Oct 05
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What Do I Say?

How is he that attractive?
Is that really his face he just...
wears for days?
 been caught once or twice in the act of
staring with a heart-eyed

So far out of reach, yet I yearn for his attention.
My GOD, he looks good in pink!
(It's just a crush, I guess I should mention
(A standard edition case of puppy love...
(I think)))

Right when I've thought of the right things to say
he comes out of nowhere...
Taking words away.

He's walking my way,
This can only end in mishap.
Wait! What do I say?
"HeY! HoW's iT gOiNg, dO YoU LikE UkuLeLes ToO?! Oh mY gOD cOoLl!!"