Aug 20
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High School: The New and the Unknown

The New and the Unknown are two things that are related.
I don't quite know why but this is something I have always known.
I start my first year of highschool in two weeks.
Highschool is both new and filled with the unknown.
New is something that is refreshing and good.
New friends,
New classes,
New experiences.
But the unknown,
is terrifying and fueled by my insecurities
Will I be liked?
Will my friends sit with me in lunch?
What if I don't have the right brand of shoes?
What if I answer a question wrong?
What if I get blamed for something not my fault?
The new, is just that, 
But the unknown,
is scary...
To me at least 
(Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I wrote it on a whim about my two main feelings for the new and unknown that reside within the walls of high school)
May 29
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Older Sister

For me, it’s not just the sharing of physical things that makes me angry.
I feel like not only do I have to share a room with her.
I have to share a lot of the things that she does.
But I’ll always be worse at it than she is.
No matter how hard I try,
I will always be the younger sister,
I will always be five years behind her.
While she was drawing amazing self portraits in 9th grade,
I was still struggling to draw a heart perfectly in the 4th.
While she was worrying about what college to attend,
I was struggling through planning the next middle school dance.
I will always be five years less than she is.
I will always just be five years behind.
I care about being called my sister’s name,
not because I think it’s an insult.
I don’t like it,
because it makes me feel like she is more memorable than I am.
That she is just so much better than me,
May 24
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Imaginary Friend

Some kids only have imaginary friends
So when people tell them to drop their friends
It's really really hard.
Believe it or not, she used to have an imaginary friend
that was named Alexa
There was a time when she didn't have any friends
when she was 5 or so and then poof
Alexa came into her life and took the lonely away.
Her parents noticed the change and one day asked why.
When she said, "Because of Alexa." 
They thought she had a real friend but instead,
She was up in her room, imagining a whole new world
One where she had a big sister named Alexa
Who chased the lonely away
May 22
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Although I have moved once or twice,
the majority of my thirteen year existence
has been in this one place.
A trashy town so close to the border of Canada
that some people jokingly call it South Canada.
It's so close to the border, we run to it during track practice
If you've never had the pleasure
of stumbling across this little town in Vermont,
it's called Richford.
But, I don't care what my physical home is in.
They say home is where the heart is.
My heart is in the people that are in this town.
The small family with a single mom
and two kids across the street,
she works for the middle and high school.
My mom and dad who also both work in the school system.
Mom is a math tutor and dad is the I.T. dude.
My heart is to all of my best friends who 
are within walking distance 
so we can hang out whenever we want to
(Or whenever our parents lets us at least)
May 22
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Beautifully Weird

The definition of beautiful:

“pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.”

Classically beautiful, traditionally pretty and other terms are okay
But, what about the wonderfully weird?
What about all the people on the sidelines who are different?
The people who get called weird and freak?
The people who constantly ask themselves
Am I actually invisible?
Well no, no they’re not
They are just seriously overlooked.
If all the beautiful in the world was the same,
Nothing would ever be special but,
The beautifully weird really makes the word stand out more.
They might not be the traditionally beautiful but, I believe that I am beautifully weird.
Even if society has different…
Expectations of what we should be
I believe that weird is the most beautiful thing you can be,
Is weird.
Because beautiful is weird
May 22
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YWP is helpful

YWP is something that has helped me a lot
in several different aspects of my life.
It's helped me find a place with people
who are like me.
Being in 8th grade is weird enough but,
having a mind like mine,
it's hard to fit in but here, I do.
It's helped me find a place
where I can let out all of my thoughts
without being judged. 
In fact, it's encouraged here
People that don't even know me,
enjoy my writing more than my peers at school do
I really feel like I belong here, 
which is amazing and new to me.
May 22
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I Have A Voice Too

May 22
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I’m sometimes asked if I would want to go out with friends.
Or if I would like to come to this party.
Or if I would just like to hang out with people in general.
I don’t like new people
It’s nothing personal, really it isn’t
I’m socially awkward and being around new people
Physically drains me
I had to talk to new people for a day
During a music festival,
I was utterly exhausted for the rest of the night,
Because I had to go so far out of my comfort zone
Just to talk to a few new people
Unlike mostly everyone else,
Being around people isn’t exhilarating or fun for me
I prefer to be alone
I’m simply not a people person
So, I end up making an excuse
Oh, I have family stuff that day
Oh, I’m sick
Oh, my mom says that I can’t go
Contrary to popular belief,
I’m not lonely,
I just greatly prefer to BE ALONE.
And some people just don’t understand that.
May 20
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Secrets and Why I Keep Them

The only reason I don’t say anything
Is because I don’t want the attention that it might get
Attention means dragging people into making them care about you.
And I’m not worth that
At least, I’ve been told that so much,
I believe it.
A spectacular blend of ‘you’re nothing’, ‘nobody wants you’
And fun words like ‘freak’
Are what I hear both inside and outside,
Every waking moment.
Nobody should have to worry about the issues of some 13 year old
That everyone already thinks has the most perfect life.
Truth is, I have so many pent up feelings
That sometimes, they come to the surface and other people see them.
I try not to make them worry at least.
I know people say negative self talk is bad,
But what if you already had an entire script layed out
And once it starts,
It just
Even if I stopped, would they?
Probably not, knowing them.
May 20
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Her Mask

She always responds, “I’m fine.”
Even when the people who care enough to take notice do.
“I’m fine.”
She always assures us.
But with that response, she’s not just trying to convince us.
She’s trying to convince herself that maybe one day,
she will be close enough to fine
that she can answer that question without the mask on.
“I’m fine.”
The people around aren’t helping at all.
Always pushing her around
both in the figurative and literal sense.
And she’s just exhausted.
So exhausted that sometimes, she lets her mask slip without realizing it.
“I’m fine.”
She would love to tell someone, she really would.
No one knows how hard it is for her to do anything anymore.
Not her parents. Not her best friend.
They don’t know because she knows what they would say.
Oh, she’s just overexaggerating. She’s just having a bad day.
Well, that bad day turned into a week, a month, a year.