Oct 09
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Benjamin Edwards

Skis fly

Target seen

Jump into prone

Steady to fire  
Skis fly

Target has a hole

Jump up

And off I go
Skis fly

Shot again

Get back up

Dash off
Skis fly

I’m a blur

Faster faster
My tired eyes cross the line
Oct 09
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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

By Ayden Clark

With a jacket like a heater

And a helmet on my head

I turn

through the


crunch crunch crunch

As the wheels break sticks

and I cautiously drive out

onto the lake

Swish Sposh

says slush on the water

Then I park

put my green and black

rod in the holder

And wait

And wait

And wait

Until the drag starts to

Ring Ring Ring

Like a bell

from the fish


The line

I reel

And reel

And reel

And the dark brown with gold


Flops out of the hole



the ice

Splash splash

Flop Flop




Oct 09
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Black Ice

Black ice

By Regis Houlier

Black ice, the villain of


Always incognito

Hiding, Waiting for me. Wanting me

To slip into its trap

Creeping up right under me  

And right when I get near it

When I least expect it

It springs to attack

Shooting me

Across its villainess body


And slamming  

Me to the ground like

A nail

 Laughing at me

With its cold heart

As I limp away

In pain

Oct 09
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Winter and Summer

Winter & Summer

By Lauren Angus
Love catching snowflakes on my glove

Summer’s popsicle  

Both melting as soon as you get them
Love building a snowman

Summer’s sand castle

They don't last long
Love having snowball fights

Summer’s water balloons

You get wet either way  
Love finding icicles

Summer’s flowers

They come every year
Love having snow days

Summer’s vacation

Always outside  


They are almost the same

Just different
Oct 14
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The Gift of Winter

The gift of winter

By: Amelia Machanic


 is like one

 special gift

Wrapped up 

with snow

And the warmth 

it brings 

To our hearts
The way the cold

Icy wind


On my face
The way my cheeks

 go rosey 

As a pale 

Winter dawn 

The feeling

Of a warm

Comforting cup

Of cocoa
The joyful holidays

I  celebrate

Making me laugh
The excuse of

Reading in my room

Because it’s so cold out

The way I hit

my brother in the back

With a snowball

A special gift...

Wrapped up 

with snow

Oct 14
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It's Just Me, My Snowboard, and the Snow

It’s just me, my snowboard, and the snow

It's just me, my snowboard, and  the snow.
People may fall, but I do not notice
People may pass me, but I do not care
 I link my turns
Snow blows in my face
I ride
It’s just me, my snowboard, and the snow
No one telling me to go faster... 
Or to hurry...
I know the trail by heart
I just ride
Under the sun
My hands are not cold
Neither are my feet

By Oona Osborne
Inspired  by Dipta B.
Oct 14
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Snow White

Snow White

I wake up 

there is snow 

on the ground. 

There is snow falling.

so much snow 

I know I will not go to school. 

I get dressed

I get my coat 

my mittens 

and hat are on. 

I look...

At all the snow 

fresh new snow 

not old 

not peed on 

No dirt

No leaves

just perfectly white snow...

I can feel the wind 

And cold, raw snow

blowing on my face

And sticking on my pink hat 

Now with white specks

through my coat

I feel the coldness on my back 

I look at the snow again 

I know that the snow 

will not be white 

for long

But Yellow, brown, and slushy

But Right now 

the snow is perfect...
Oct 14
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Just Me, The Sled, and the Hill

 The hill may be long

 the jump may be high 

My friends may try to stop me

But they can't

   nothing can stop me from doing this 

 they decide to move

 out of my  way

  now I am ready 

 to go  down 

 there may be bumps 

But that won't stop me

It's just me

The sled

and the



 down the hill


I launch myself into the air



I lay still

And look at the sky until

Faces block the light

“You okay, Man?

Thumbs up

Oct 14
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Just Me, the Snowman, and the Fort


It’s just me, the snowman, and the fort

The snowman may grow bigger

The fort may have blocks of snow

I may build

But they will not fall over 

No melting 

No getting knocked like a wrecking ball 

No getting hit by icicles or snowballs

It’s just me, the snowman, and the fort

I grab snow 

And make the final block 

My fortress


Oct 14
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As Fall is Stolen

As Fall Is Stolen

By Ruth Knox

The tree’s


 Are stolen

The leaves

Already fallen

Are sweeped up

By the chilling breeze

The barren trees

Become layered in snow

As the army of

Frozen snowflakes

Fills the silvery sky

With flurries of

Chalky white

The warmth

Is shoved away

By the wind

And the sun is stolen

From the graying sky


And earlier 

As the earth orbits

Further away

The only light left

Is the crackling fire

Made not by the earth

But made by us
As fall is stolen by winter

Everything changes