Oct 09
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Benjamin Edwards

Skis fly

Target seen

Jump into prone

Steady to fire  
Skis fly

Target has a hole

Jump up

And off I go
Skis fly

Shot again

Get back up

Dash off
Skis fly

I’m a blur

Faster faster
My tired eyes cross the line
Oct 09
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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

By Ayden Clark

With a jacket like a heater

And a helmet on my head

I turn

through the


crunch crunch crunch

As the wheels break sticks

and I cautiously drive out

onto the lake

Swish Sposh

says slush on the water

Then I park

put my green and black

rod in the holder

And wait

And wait

And wait

Until the drag starts to

Ring Ring Ring

Like a bell

from the fish


The line

I reel

And reel

And reel

And the dark brown with gold


Flops out of the hole



the ice

Splash splash

Flop Flop




Oct 09
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Black Ice

Black ice

By Regis Houlier

Black ice, the villain of


Always incognito

Hiding, Waiting for me. Wanting me

To slip into its trap

Creeping up right under me  

And right when I get near it

When I least expect it

It springs to attack

Shooting me

Across its villainess body


And slamming  

Me to the ground like

A nail

 Laughing at me

With its cold heart

As I limp away

In pain

Oct 09
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Winter and Summer

Winter & Summer

By Lauren Angus
Love catching snowflakes on my glove

Summer’s popsicle  

Both melting as soon as you get them
Love building a snowman

Summer’s sand castle

They don't last long
Love having snowball fights

Summer’s water balloons

You get wet either way  
Love finding icicles

Summer’s flowers

They come every year
Love having snow days

Summer’s vacation

Always outside  


They are almost the same

Just different
Feb 12
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Nothing I Can Do

Feb 12
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Fearing Sleep

Fearing Sleep

Sawyer Drury 
Under the dim lighting of the lamp, 

slightly flickering beside my bed, I think. 

Deep thoughts, 

keeping me from the long abyssal plane of sleep. 

My forehead wrinkles in confusion, and fear. 

Why did that cop point a gun at that girl’s face? 

Of all types of people, 

a black one too. 

Why, did he pull her over just because she had 

a scared look on her face? 

Did he think she had something? 

Drugs, maybe? 

I bite my cheek to stop myself from

wetting my face with the tears balled up inside me, 

banging on my eyes, trying to break free. 

I won’t let them. 

It’s more terrifying that this isn’t the first time 

something like that had happened. 


abusing their power, 

unleashing it on the colored people. 
Feb 12
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by Eliza and Ruthie

Home is the soft



Of opening a new book

And curling

In the soft chair

And reading the days


Is sitting at the dinner table

Staring fondly

And the tall

Three tiered cake

And imagining

How you’ll never


Sleep tonight

With all the sugar

Coursing through your veins

Is snuggling closer

To the small


Worn stuffed giraffes

That you’ve had

Since your first day

On the world
Feb 12
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Who Am I

Who am I?

By Kate

I am part of a family of five 

My mom,

My dad, 

My older sister, Lily, 

My younger sister, Viola 

And me, Kate 

I am bilingual

I speak English and German

I was born right outside of Munich in Germany

That what makes me special

Music is part of me too! 

I play guitar and ukulele 

I’ve only played guitar for two years

But I feel like a master guitarist 

My favorite spot in the house is 

My bed

That's where I go to think 

With my teddy bear

What would it be like to live in war? 

How horrible it must be

Why would anyone want a war?

Why do the people that aren't affected by war, 

Not care about hundreds of people dying

Somewhere else in the world?

So many questions swirl my head 
Feb 12
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About JAda

About Jada 

By Jada Sherman 
I’m almost 11 

but 10 right now 

I like sleeping, 

And kittens

I have 6 brothers 

and one sister 

but they don’t all live with me 

only two live with me  

Life isn’t simple

Stuff comes up

All the time

In 2016 

my mom had knee surgery 

My aunt had breast cancer 

but she’s good now, 

When I was a baby 

my dad dropped 

out of my life 

and now I luckily have two dads, 

When my baby brother was born 

he had a brain cyst 

and went to Boston 

every year,

And when another brother was born 

his left lung collapsed,

I love taking showers,

Because I can block out the noise 

of my brothers,

At night

 my cat keeps me up, 
Feb 12
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Whop Am I?

Who am I?

By Aubri Vickery

Who am I?

Am I happy?

Am I lonely?

Is my own self not here?

Am I me?

Do I do things I want to do?

Do I do things others want to do?

Tell me

Do I do me?

Do I follow others in their path?

Do I do what they do?

Am I myself?

Am I who I want to be?

Do I follow my heart? 

Do I care what others think?
Do I know myself?

Do I know who I truly am?

I am artistic

I am positive

I am kind


Am I