Oct 14
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Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

By Sawyer

I crawl out of bed 

and the brisk air hugs me 

And I shudder. 

The dark room 

greets my eyes 

as I wait for my siblings to wake. 

My siblings and I 

tip toe

into the living room 

like mice scuddling around, 


The stockings hang 

on the fireplace 

like bait 

luring us to them. 

We grab the red socks 

and bring them to one of our rooms. 

Inside the stockings 

is cereal, crafts, and small toys. 

We eat 

and play 

until our parents 


The tree 

is a green sun, 

lit up with lights 

and ornaments. 

The presents 

invite us over,

and we sit 

on the couches. 
Oct 14
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Being a Christmas Tree

 Being a Christmas Tree

By Jada Sherman 

If I were a tree 

I’d stand tall in the corner 

waiting to be decorated 

for the month of December 
Jingle jingle 

I ‘d hear a box 

of ornaments

And I’d have a BIG smile 

on my face  
My arms would hold the weight 

As handprints


And memories of 

Years gone by

Would be placed among my needles
Cold would wooosh 

down my back 

As I drank 

A big glass of water

Before bed
The cats 

Would play 

with my ornaments 

And bat them

With their paws

Sometimes jumping

Into my branches
Bang Bang bang 

I would fall down 

on the ground 

Until  helped up

And redecorated

 For Christmas day
Oct 14
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By Ruby
I run around 

To the back

Of my house.

And hanging from

A tree branch are...


Clear like glass,




I tap one

And even with the

Smallest touch,

They sway

And fall 

And leave 

Holes in the snow.

They grow

As winter goes on.

A wind picks up

And blows them

Making the small ones



Into the snow.

Oct 14
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If I Were a Fir Tree

If I were a Fir tree 

By Kate Sckolnick 

If I were a Fir tree 

I’d stand 

In a house with  

A box at my feet

Filled with ornaments 
 My green arms would 

Stretch out strong

Waiting for the people

To decorate my 

Green branches
I’d hear the footsteps of 

Little feet 

Pitter pattering 

Down the hall
I ‘d smile 

Because it would tickle 

As their little fingers slide the 

Ornaments onto my branches 
At last I’d be colorful 

And I  would glow with pride 

And watch the kids 

As they drink their hot cocoa  

And lick their candy canes
And I would proudly wait


Bringing joy

Until Christmas

When Santa comes 

and puts presents 

By my feet.


Oct 14
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Being Santa

Being Santa

By:Gamalier Hernandez

Inspired by:Jacqueline Sweeney

If I were Santa

I’d tell my elves

to make a magic wand 

for every kid that is good,

And let them wish 

for anything they want,

Including letting them visit 

the North Pole.
My reindeer 

Would be happy 

to see the kids 

like a cute puppy 

Jumping around 

The front door

As his kids come home 

from school
My elves

 Would run the kids to the workshop

Like wild horses 


 if a bullet was fired

And their faces 

Would have pink cheeks 

and smiles
My lovely wife

Would tour them around

and bring them to me

To give them cookies

 and milk to drink
And all the time...
Oct 14
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      By Ava Kulikowski  
The dad carries a box…

A treasure chest                        

of ornaments 

For the tree

Otherwise known

 as my home
 He opens the box 

The little girl says “so pretty!”

As she takes me out...

 The prettiest  ornament


With red and green  

and glitter sparkles 
I shimmer 

like snowflakes

During my holiday vacation

From my box home

It’s my time to shine
She hangs me 

In the perfect spot  

Right in the middle 

Of the tree

near the picture  

of the family
Oct 14
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Winter's Paint

Winters paint
Each boot

One in front of the other

Splatters in the slush

Each splash

Of the muddy melted snow

Is like a Splatter

Of winters paint

Creating a masterpiece

On my snowpants

I drag my sled

Not far behind

The plastic

Scraping on the

Paved road

As the painting grows more


Alice Ducham and Ruth Knox
Oct 14
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By: Aubri R Vickery 



The icicles 

Hang over the window

And shine 

So I see my reflection

In the thin cones
I pick the perfect one

And the cold

Hits my fingers

And makes me shiver

As I snap it off
And sword fight 

With my brothers


Mom calls,


Oct 14
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Winter Struggles

Winter Struggles        

By Eliza M Lynch

An instance of beauty 

Then ruined forever

Scattered with footsteps

Snow angels 
The flame leaps 

Then falls

Logs too wet to catch

Cozy fires
A hot drink

Warming you from the inside 

Until the last sip 

Hot chocolate 
A feeling of happiness

Then wanting more

Gifts all opened

Christmas morning
Gliding like magic 

Then falling, cold and wet 

Sliding on ice

Ice skating

Oct 14
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If I Were a Spruce Tree

If I Were A Spruce Tree

By: Bianca De Boulet

If I were a spruce tree I would shine with the brightest green through the thick white snow. 

I would let the people put their fancy sparkly lights  on me that make people go “Whoa!!”.

If I were a spruce tree I would stand tall and proud with my lights gleaming bright.

I would love all the fellow trees who stand there with me with pride.