Jan 13


my mind's on a loop
it's burning a track in my brain

i guess it's okay, i feel just the same,
but the mask that's holding in is starting to break

i feel sick, i feel dizzy, but i can't leave it behind
it seems there is only one path in my mind

no, i'm okay, i promise you
it's just like a song in my head, it's nothing to you,

what would you say if you really knew?
you're already worried, i don't want to burden you,

so my mental state isn't the greatest, see?
don't worry, i'm too scared to die and i'm too scared to bleed.

anger is setting in, 
taking ahold of me,

do you feel good? 'cause i sure don't.
thought it would be plain to see.

you're so naive, if i didn't tell you,
you'd never see.

but that's what parents are there for!
sure, to let me suffer and die.

if i wanted, i'd let anger take control,
Mar 28

Plot Ideas: Astiara Mercury

Hello! I've had a great idea for a character. I've worked out a family tree, the antagonist, and some of her backstory. Except: I have no ideas for a plot! Here are a few things I'm playing around with, but please feel more than welcome to share any ideas/edits(I also really, really need ideas for the villan's motavation). Thanks! --Cyb3r

Protagonist: Astaira Mercury
Antagonis: General Larsen Hurst
Setting: Neptune, Silia U925, Mars(Just outer space)
Time: Year 3535(I didn't plan it this way)
Supporting Characters: 
- Finn Thatcher
- Cressida Parkes
- Terence Orion
- Kegan Orion
- Alton Orion
(Yes, one(or two) of these may be a love interest(*wink wink*))
- Astiara is a bounty hunter on Neptune
- Nope, I got nothing
Jan 28


A girl stands in the back of a room,
Hiding from the eyes, the pain, the cold stares of the beasts.
They stand tall above her, 
Dark shadows, closing in, trapping her with their judgemental glares.
She's scared of them, but she hides it,
She knows she can't fight, can't speak out,
Or they will quell her until she can barely breathe.
She hates these monsters, the way they twist minds,
Pushing her down even further.
Sometimes, she sees a light, pulsing far away,
But the beasts find ways to snuff it out again.
On good days she can hold them off, but not for long enough,
They find their way back to torment her again.
Even if she breaks free, they follow her,
Dragging her down, down, down.

Dec 11

What's in a word?

Dec 11

The Card Game ~ Prolouge

    Sylvia Hawthorne ran through the halls, cheeks pink, lungs begging for air. She dashed past the chestnut wood doors in the upper hall, legs burning, mind only on her destination. With a crash, she flung open the obsidian door, where she cut short her running. The room was large, and dark. An alchemist’s room. Sylvia brushed her long, black hair behind her ears, then began chanting a spell. She stood with her arms out and palms forward. The blue-purple fire portal grew bigger in front of her. She was so intent on her spell, she didn’t hear the man creeping up on her.

    “Hello, Sylvia.” a voice from behind her said. Sylvia whirled around to see a man leaning in the doorway, a droll smile on his face.
Oct 22

Roses & Butterflies

She ran through the fields, chasing the blue butterflies and dandelion fluff. It was a beautiful day, and her worries were gone. She glanced upwards at the crystal cobalt sky. Suddenly, a yellow butterfly flew past. She jerked her head toward it, then ran after it, trying to catch it. It led her away, past the fields and right up to the gates of the old rose garden. She stopped short when she saw this place. But slowly, she opened the rusty old gate and stepped inside. The roses were overgrown, and the statue of her mother was dusty. She smiled up at it.
Oct 16

Promise Forgotten

One day, a little boy and little girl meet.
Soon enough, they hold hands.
They become best friends easily.
Together, they explore magical lands.

They enter the door to their first class,
Glad to be together.
They made a promise long ago,
They’ll be friends no matter the weather.

It’s her 7th birthday.
She invites him to the party.
“No presents,” she tells him.
He decides to buy her three.

Sixth grade, she’s having a blast.
But then she hears he’s getting bullied.
She puts a stop to it instantly.
He tells her, “Thank you. I’ve been freed.”

Two and a half months into eighth grade.
They have new pals, but they’re still friends.
One day he gives her a token,
“Just in case one day it ends.”

But all too soon, tragedy strikes.
His parents divorced, his family split.
She gives him a shoulder and a set of ears.
Oct 05

Rising Light

Over west,

The sun has gone,

The sun has gone, 

But now I see it.

The sun has gone,

The sun has gone,

But now,

But now I know.

And the wind,

It waits for,

It waits for,

It waits for you. 

Listen to the sound.

Can't you hear it on the wind?

Listen to it,

Listen to it,

Listen to it.

Oh, oh, oh,

Over there,

Over there,

Over there.

The sun sets, 

And on the earth,

It feels so still,

It feels so still,

Can't you see it now?

And now the light has gone.

Stay here.

Sep 28

Depiction Of A Girl

There's that girl again.
She has short brown hair, which hovers in between straight and curly.
She has soft green eyes, which she hides behind big tortoiseshell glasses.
She has fidgety hands, with fingernails that have been bitten many times.
She wears jeggings and solid color t-shirts.
She hides behind a book, a different one every day.
She keeps to herself, staying quiet and inconspicuous.
She doodles on her classwork and taps her fingers on her desk.
She loves art, and has pages full of drawings.
She wants to be a writer, and spends hours working on her books.
She daydreams about magic, imagining a world full of it.
She is afraid of feedback, and hides her work.
She loves to sing, but tells herself she's not good enough. 
She tries her hand at acting, but is scared to be on stage. 
She looks at herself in the mirror and tells herself she doesn't look good.
She wonders if she'll ever be enough.