Sep 28

can you hear it?

can you hear it? he says.

what do you mean? she asks.

the voices. he responds, the voices of the earth.

no, she replies. i can't hear it.

he smiles and and holds out his hand.

i can teach you, he says.

her eyes are sad, but her mouth smiles. 

you can't, she says. you can't teach me what i chose to forget.

why? he asks, his eyes conveying his sorrow. why not?

it will only bring sorrow, she warns.

i don't belive it, his mouth says, but in truth, he knows he does.

you'll belive it, she says. its just a matter of time.

i'll still love you, he promises.

i know, she responds. that's why you can't do this.

please, he begs.

i'm sorry, she says. i'm sorry.

her eyes are filled with heartbreak as she starts to leave.

don't go! he cries.

i love you too much not to, she tells him.
Sep 27


They tell you your voice is lousy.

Sing anyways.

They tell you your lines are faulty.

Act anyways.

They tell you your art is cheap.

Draw anyways.

They tell you your piece is junky.

Write anyways.

Do what you love.
They tell you're bad in a million ways.

Do what you love anyways.

Sep 27

Quote Of The Day 9/27/118

Sep 26



It was the last word he ever said. 

She was waiting in the shadows when he came. He unlocked the door and threw the key on the table. He hesitaned, the stepped forward.

"Hello?" he said.

She pulled the trigger.

Summer Days

She drank in the colors, the feeling, the light. It was beautiful here, calm, peaceful. She wished it could stay that way forever, but summer was fleeting, and the cold came far too soon.
Sep 26

Can You Hear The Raven's Call?