Feb 16

Everything She Was

she was ahead of our time
she dreamed of worlds circling around our own
or rivers flowing out of the tears of our own eyes
of flying a wagon to the moon
she was a pioneer of the unknown
she was an exploror
of the pitch black (sprinkled with stardust)
of the tangly ruins that haunted the backyard
she was so much
like a big bang that happened right here
and I was just lucky to witness it
her long, long hair was a waterfall
that swept people off their feet
and her freckles were constellations
people studied with telescopes
so they could find out her secrets
if people were dice
she would have been a double six (rolled six times in a row)
she was a mess
a mess that managed to fix everything at once
when she left someone, their heads were in the heavens
spinning upon clouds and filled with helium
she was a contagious laugh
that infected the body and made it hard to breath
Feb 14

Sixteen Minutes

8:00 am
A girl sits on a cement stairway, looking with tired eyes at the world that surrounds her. She has a love-hate relationship with it (mostly hate).
A boy lays on the ground, letting the pulsing pain in his stomach rage because he likes the feeling, but mostly because he knows he deserves it.

8:01 am
She has dyed red hair (done with kool-aid and it drips onto her gray hoodie)  with tanned skin from sitting out in the sun too long.
He has curly brown hair or had that hair before he shaved it off with a razor. Whatever, it was just a reminder of everything he hated.

8:02 am
Her hoodie is baggy and bought at the dollar store. She also has a pair of faded red corduroys with a rip in both knees. She wants to escape.
He wears a white shirt, holey and smeared with dirt. If he lifts it up there would be a bruise on his stomach given to him by his father. He wants to escape.

8:03 am

Dec 29
fiction 0 comments challenge: Pal

Apparition of Broken Parts and Pieces

She smiled, a dark smile, but a smile nonetheless. Macy took joy in this, and the feeling filled her with a unsatiable pleasure. These days, those smiles were the only escape. Her ghostly appearance was slightly transparent and it seemed that her features had been drawn with the utmost slight of hand. A small and slender body, large black ringlets that flooded over her slim shoulders was ennunciated with large watery green eyes that had a cruel aspect that Macy, in her naive state, was not able to notice. to be continued later
Dec 28

Trapped in a Fairytale

Dec 24

Come Back

Dec 21

Diving Board

Looking down with a horrified gulp, I realize how far up I am. The muffled sounds of the pool are blocked out by the sound of my thumping heartbeat. Why did I even agree to this? Shifting uneasily and picking at my one-piece bathingsuit, I bide my time. A long line stretches behind the diving board, and a group of teenagers are getting annoyed at the holdup. They jeer but I ignore their protests. The unnaturally blue water ripples beneath me while a few younger kids nearby do flips into the water. Their screams and screechs distract me for a while, but I soon have to return to the problem at hand. My friends are standing across the pool, arms crossed, their towels wound over their torsos. I wonder if they would care if I chickened out, but I promised I would be able to to this. A strong scent of chlorine wafts through the air, making me woozy and light-headed. An annoyed lifeguard tweets his whistle at me, "Get off the divingboard! You're holding up the line!".
Dec 16

Way of Life

melancholy leaks through this ruptured way of life
the sulfuric stench of fear finding every corner
inevitably this is the only thing left
in this scornful tantrum of fate
the only thing left to ward off hope
but it does its job without any exceptions
blank stares and stoic expressions
are we really this pliable?
like clay, cracked and dry
yet still being shaped
by cruel and unforgiving hands
Dec 16

Loss of Innocence

trailing blazes of passionate fire
wings of white feathers
but in the heat of the moment
you escape me, with a bare whisper of a goodbye
in the smell of smoke and anger
you flee, why? why? why do you flee?
do my actions frighten you?
trying to grasp onto you
is like touching hot coals,
leaving only charred skin and burned flesh
you look on sadly as i stumble through the thick brambles
that block me at every path
bruised and broken, i lie on the ground
and wonder why you left me
Dec 16


"Hey, you okay?"
"I'm fine, geez!"
"It sure doesn't sound like it..."
"You always have to stick your nose in other people's business!"
"Okay! Fine I'll go, but don't say I didn't try!"
"Fine, fine, fine, I'll tell you. Ugh"
"This might sound so weird and babyish,"
"Yeah, okay, what's the problem? I promise I won't make fun,"
"Okay, okay, okay, things are changing, and I'm afraid..."
"Uhh afraid of what?"
"Afraid of not fitting in, afraid of not even having a world to live in in a few decades, afraid of war! I'm afraid of so many things!"
"You know what, I'm afraid of those things too, I bet thousands of other people are too,"
"Thanks, I just wanted to tell that to someone."
"You will always have me,"
"Haha...I know,"
"Let's get out of here and go to my house. Binge some Netflix?"
"I'm sorry I was so rude earlier..."
"It's okay, I forgive you, we're in this together, ya know?"

Dec 15

Kindred Soul

golden light slipping, dancing through your fingers
a halo of sunlight
the soft padding of feet early in the morning
slouch your back
into the warm dependable shoulder
that's never more than an arm's length away
laughter bubbling out of the fountain of joy
that is seemingly endless
tears sometimes fall, but what of it?
i know they will fade quickly and without a trace
flushed cheeks and a red nose
an anchor, teasing eyes and peeling plaster
a kindred soul in a meaningless world