Dec 14
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Just a Normal Soccer Game

The soccer ball flies in between her legs. It twists through the air like a living thing - like a wild animal ravaging the grass in its rage.The ball slides gracefully in between the oppenents legs, while she flashes by, not letting her eyes off the goal for a second. Flip - turn - she sprints down the sideline. Two players draw closer and closer, until she fakes them out - leaving them in a pile of corpses behind her. Sweat drips down her forehead - the only thing in her mind is to push on through the pain. She crosses the half-way mark- swoop, she spins the ball into the air in a perfect rainbow. Thump! Thump! Thump! The ball tears through everything in its path, shooting up a trail of dust. “Here! Here!” a teammate calls. She glances up for just a second - it’s not worth it. Coach yells at her to run faster. Faster! Pushing even harder would mean even more pain. She pushes harder.
Nov 23
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Timeless Memories of Snow

The mass of white that cloaks the shivering, brittle trees,
in need of a blanket.
The icy slickness of ski trails, and the feeling
of a snowball trickling down the back of your neck.
Red noses and flushed faces,
the coziness of settling down in front of
a warm fire
with a creamy mug of hot chocolate.
The goosebumps and uncontrollable shivers,
numb fingers, unable to tie shoelaces,
at the last soccer game of the season
where it is already thirty degrees.
Runny noses under watery eyes,
that sting from the frigid winds
Waiting for the bus,
snowflakes catching in your eyelashes and hair,
turning into a soggy mess
Slipping down the frosty steps,
landing in a disheveled heap,
Laughing with friends, until the cold air
nips at your throat.
The clear blue skies and bright white snow,
blinding your eyes as you step out the door.
Oct 05
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Sep 29
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