Sep 15

Reflections on the week

life is tough but I am stronger
pressure builds but I'll last longer
faces masked show tired eyes
monotone a great disguise
pen ink spills on tired pages
fingers stretched across barren cages
warm hands and heart, a new beginning
life's a race let's say I'm winning
as time floats into nonexistence
I reach for you but you choose distance
the words stuck fast in my sleepy throat
pavement, curls, a scrawled out note
and just maybe someday you'll comprehend
how much I love the time we spend
you deal out compliments like they're drugs
please god just come give me a hug

Oct 19

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris 2020

Okay, so normally,
I'm impartial when asking people to go to the polls.
It doesn't matter if you're red or blue,
young or kinda old.
But voting blue this year 
is not about being political.
It's saying that you give a
crap about our nation's very soul.
You are priviledged if this year 
your rights aren't on the line,
so if you care about minorities' rights,
throw away your Trump sign.
If you like the president, just hear me out
before you decide.
Take COVID, for example.
So many have died.

He refuses to condemn white supremacy,
which we all know is horrible.
He tries to take away abortion rights,
which is absolutely deplorable.
His racist statements precede him.
And he hasn't apologized.
He knew how bad COVID was in January
and he didn't even try
to fix America
or should I say, to Make it Great Again.
Do you really think America's better 
Oct 11

Because i decided i dont want you in my life

Aug 20

permanent ink

I try not to have regrets
but yet I find myself
sometimes in debt
to the man in the corner
with his scraping beard
and jagged silhouette

he's the one I would have feared
inside his web of crawling
a single cigarette
draping from his lips of lead

a stream of smoke that slowly ebbs
inside my mind
offset from the kind of things
that normally would have appeared
a speeding train threatening to upset
the notion
that we are intertwined

a minuet to which we are blind
an orchestral chant
a rant
for those who bled
instead of breathing
for those who fought instead
of dreaming

because once you wait your turn in line
until your empty fate's assigned
time will burn in fiery red
a soulless threat
we may not have volunteered
for this
but why are we still inclined 
to find
what words will stay 
Aug 07

Silver Lips

May 15
poetry challenge: Windsparks


Apr 28

building blocks

I'm the kind of person
who knows the names of all the countries in
and most of the ones in the whole world.
I plan everything
(except for spontaneity) and
rely on calendars and notes
to remind me what day it is
which explains why I hate it when people
round up
I'm pretty convinced that my soul speaks french
because each word I learn is like a treasure
and sometimes
at night I feel a pulling toward somewhere far away.
I'm the girl in your class who everyone likes but isn't really best friends with anyone
who loves politics
and who everyone hates to go after during
I can't braid hair or paint my fingernails to 
save my life
and I'm no fashion icon
but I love the clothes I wear (mostly)
though I think I'm allergic to shopping (also skateboarding).
I think being starstruck is overrated and demeaning
Apr 21

Still here

Apr 14

Rainy Day Walk Photos

Apr 08

My Novella -Untitled