Dec 13

Once I Fell

Once I fell
I fell long and hard toward the crashing ocean waves.
I fell from the clouds among the white rose petals.
The birds flew overhead in the twinkling blue sky.
My hair flew in front of my face
As I tumbled head over heels through blank space.
Beneath me a sudden outcropping of sharp rocks
Springing out of the tempest.
The sky grew dark with ink
And rain trickled gently on my face.
Thunder crackled stiffly
While I kept falling.
Closer and closer toward the sea.
Yards away from my death

Just before I reached my death
The pen swooped down and plucked me up upon my feet
Setting me down on the white beaches.

In the other world
Pen scratched on paper.
The writer quickly composed a new part of my story.
My dirt ridden clothes crumbled to ashes
And a white silken dress appeared on me.
Dec 13

I Feel Safe

The sun falls behind the towering mountains.
Leaving fiery streaks of red and orange.

The water washes gently upon the shore
Polishing the sharp rocks and stones.
Waves tripping over themselves in their rush to come home
Until the ocean pulls them back into her murky depths.

The moon peeks out softly from the sky
Waiting for her shift as the watcher of the world.

The wooden dock rises from the beach,
Its smooth wood planks solid underneath us.
Our feet hang in the warm water
And the late summer breeze ruffles through our hair.
Your hand is wrapped comfortingly around mine.

And for the first time
Amid this nature spectacular

I feel safe.
Dec 13
poem 0 comments challenge: Lost

Waking Up

My eyes open
Slowly adjusting to the harsh light.
My head aches
Beeps fill the air.
People are huddled in groups
Talking in hushed voices.
I try to move but I can't.
My body won't do what I want it to do.
Long brown hair falls over my shoulder.
The woman besides my bed gives a shriek of surprise.
Ohhh.. Lania!
She reaches over and gives me a hug.
That's not my name.
My name is...
What is my name?
I can't remember.
It is sitting on the tip of my tongue waiting to be poured out.
I want to ask how I got here,
But I can't.
I can't do anything.
I am just a shell.
A nurse bustles over and explains that I was in a car accident.
Her memory might be empty, but hopefully she will regain it.
I wish I knew what was going on around me.
My body is useless and unreconizable.
Too much work.
I'll figure this out later.
Dec 13


Drowning in their false words.
Mutilated promises.
Pressure is upon us.
Clocks are counting down.
Tick tock.
Time is running out.
The stars are
Shining on me
I suppose
This is my chance.
No second thoughts.

Maybe we lost.
But we had fun
True to our word
I am sorry
You are false.
Dec 13

All Alone

All alone
I want to run up to him
And talk to him
But I don't really know how.
His shoes leave scuff marks in the uneven snow.
I laugh half-heartedly at the words around me.
I wonder if that is why he walks away from us.
I don't really blame him.
His hair blows slightly in the winter wind.
In my mind,
I pluck an imaginary flower.
To talk
Or not to talk.
Before I can decide
I need to turn down a different street.
I yell goodby
But he doesn't hear me
Or maybe my voice was just swallowed up by the frosty air.
I hope what's left of his day is better.
Because right now
Even though there are 7.5 billion people in this world
He is alone
All alone.

Dec 12
poem 1 comment challenge: Location

Stage Fright

I found it!
That's my line.
That's all it takes.
I just have to say that and hand the cup to Tommy.
I have done it a thousand times before.
But this is different! This is in front of people. They are judging us!
Shut up brain
Not helping.
One line then the next.
Closer and closer to my scene.
Where is the cup?
My cue.
I am about to go up onto the stage and stutter out my line,
A flash of light illuminates the theater for a few seconds
Then all is quiet 
The calm before the storm.
My teacher steps on stage and tells everyone the lights went out because of the storm.
I smile at my good fortune
The audience groans and heads home.

In the car ride back,
My mom tells me how unfortunate it is about my line.
I nod along
But in my head
I'm thinking
Nailed it!
Dec 11

The Stairs of Heaven

I rode a flying horse,
Up high in the stars.
I bathed in the moonlight 
And washed away my scars.
I sat upon a distant planet
And let my horse be free.
The darkness enveloped him
As he soared away from me.
His mane painted a trail of stairs
In the midnight sky
It fell gently down to Earth,
Much to my surprise.
I put my foot upon the path
And counted to eleven 
Now that my breath was calm and clear
I walked down the stairs of heaven.
Dec 10


Dec 09


Dec 09

Seasons of Smiles

In the newness of spring
Your lips were pink like a rosebud
You danced underneath the willow trees
And sat in the flower covered fields.
A spark of a smile flitted across your lips.

On the hottest day of summer
Your lips were peach.
In one hand you held a slowly melting ice cream cone.
Your bikini straps poked slightly out from beneath your t-shirt.
A smile creeped onto your face.

On the blustery fall days
Your lips were red.
The leaves swirled around you and the wind blew your hair around
Until it framed your face like a picture.
Your smile was full, even as the days turned dark.

On the windy winter days
Your lips were the color that you had been born with.
Not quite 
You watched each snowflake fall from your window
And wished upon the stars that flew across the night sky.
And though it was cold and dark