Oct 19

A More Perfect Union

Hold everything.
Can you see what's happening here?
Plants dead.
Animals dead. 
People dead.
We need to fix this.
People go into a school 
With backpacks.
Except for some
who go in with a gun.
That didn't used to happen.
Garbage is tossed anywhere 
Then I hear 
the President
Of the.
States of
say "Global warming is a hoax!"
While 2,000 miles away
People are losing their homes cause of global warming.
Their lives cause of global warming.
Their children cause of global warming.
Now the guys up top want a catagory 5?!
Next thing you know,
Hurricane Donald will be coming through
Oct 19

A Single Step

One step toward freedom
A step toward a new life
One foot comes up
Her dainty slippers protect it from the hot pavement.
She leans forward.
Away from the fog of ancient memories.
Rolling on the balls of her feet.
She sees her shadow behind her
The person she wants to forget.
Her first foot lands
The beginning of a walk away from the hate,
the abuse
More steps
Each as specia.l
As coordinated as the rest.
Until she runs.
Spreads her wings.
Oct 18


She was beautiful
But they said "no.
Don't be yourself.
We want you to be the the mold we make.
We are the sculptors
You are the statue."

Her smile faded 
A shell of the bubbling fountain of life she was before
She no longer lived.

She was tucked away.
No words were heard.
She closed 
her eyes
and slept.

Many days spent in contemplation
who she is
who she was
what she will be.

time stood still
She opened her face to the harshness of the world
She started out a caterpillar
Now she's a

The sky cleared
chased doubts from its dome
The sun shone down
its rays illuminating
The Haters
The Doubters
Oct 18

Sorrows (Rap)

There’s a girl in the corner 
Hat pulled down to her nose.
Hiding from friends,
Seeking out foes 
like the
Man on the bar stool 
Whose had 15 wives 
Drowning his sorrows 
And watching the FaceBook Live
of the
Boy in Miami 
who wants to be heard.
His teachers don’t want him.
They say he’s absurd.
the only
Person who got him
Cut themselves with a knife.
I wonder what it’s like to live in his life.




Oct 18


Hate is the darkness.
Love is the light.
Anger is cowardice.
Peace is to fight.
Sadness is to forget.
Happiness is to know.
Confused is the rain.
Knowledge is the snow.
Panic is the clouds
On a bleak day.
Courage is a rainbow 
That never fades away.
Illusions may shatter but emotions stay.
Oct 17

Look up

Demons reaching claws through the

A little girl in unimaginable

A sane man wishes to claw out his

A needle penetrating a throbbing

A blind man gropes helplessly for his

Look up as you go down Memory Lane.

Oct 17

Dark Ages

A girl alone
standing in the rain.

A boy in the darkness
trying to cover his pain.

A mindless worker
wants to change the world.

A girl whose hair
is too tightly curled.

The blood drips
from the darkening sky.

But no one can hear 
the wolf’s final cry.

Oct 11

The Secret Within

« Nice shirt Hanna! » I turn around to see Kana my sister sneering at me, her face full of obvious contempt . « You look as good as that stupid doctor of yours does, which is to say ugly! » Behind her, the mindless Kana-clones giggle and give her high fives. I clench my fists together in a tight ball. Doctor Christine Ford is not stupid. Not a bit. I don’t even understand how Kana can hate her after all that she has been through. « She isn’t stupid!! » I yell. « Whatever. » Kana rolls her eyes. « Go crawl back into the hole you came from. Come on girls. » I scream silently after her, protesting all the things that she says to me. She sashays around the corner and I reluctantly turn back to my locker. As I fiddle with my combination, something hits me full on in the face. Red blackness overcomes my vision and I sink to my knees in pain. Suddenly, by some unseen force, I am jerked to my feet.
Oct 05

A Reason to Remember

How do I forget 
the wounds I have seen, 
the chaos and havoc tearing apart all that
and will be beautiful?
There is a point 
somewhere in life when you remember 
there is nowhere left to run. 
Young children hide in the safety 
of their parents shadows. 
The older generations think they can hide,
safety in numbers.
What happens when a monstrosity,
bigger than life itself,
smashes into the false reality called happiness? 
Someday there will be a person 
who understands
our pain
our struggles
who understands 
our hopes
our dreams.
And that person will be made up of an atom of each of us
who is good and beautiful at heart.
And now I remember.
How could I forget?
How could I want to forget?
Why would I want to forget
if our savior is an atom as good and beautiful as you?

Oct 04

The Prophecy Part 1

I stood on the shore of the beach watching the waves come in with my little sister Nadeje. « Look at all the pretty waves Víra. » she glanced at me with her dark, vivid green eyes, her blonde hair whipping around her. I smiled and buried my hands a little deeper into my coat pockets. It was winter and we were standing on our beach all alone, the only humans on our planet. Our parents had been the rulers of Earth until they were overthrown by The Dictator and his army of shadows. Nadeje and I were sent away from Earth to Planet 299650 to hide. Our parents had been left behind on Earth, possibly alive, but probably dead. « Look Víra! » Nadeje said « A rainbow! » She smiled when I patted her head, but then her face slackened.