Oct 27

Sapphire Girl


Her hair was long and twisted from wind
Her lips spoke words of anxiety
Two crystal tears began the long journey from her tear ducts to her chin
Her feet were bare and stained with the memories of Earth's warm embrace.
Her eyes gleamed under a curtain of sadness.
Her beautiful sapphire eyes.

She needed to be heard
She needed to be confident.
But she was my friend
My very best friend
And right now she just needed a hug

So I gave her one.
Oct 27
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Journey's End

It's been a long time
But now he was here
Looking at the memories
The ghosts so near.

Maybe he remembers 
When he would laugh and play
Maybe he remembers
When he ran away.

He just standing in the dirt
He lets his heart grow
Because he finally sees
What it means to know

Knowin' is power 
Full inside me
Now that I'm here
I can finally breathe.

I can breathe in the mountain air
Chilly and cold
I can breathe in the life 
the sheep in their fold.

Though memories have lost him in the past's unforgiving arms
At least now he's here he can die safe and warm.
So he lies himself down on our Mother Earth
And he takes his last breath lips bubbling with mirth.


It's been a long time since he was there 
But his soul is now free to fly.
The memories exist no more.
Oct 26

Think before you vote.

I am so done with people not voting.
Don't you care about us?
The future generation?
You might be 72
and dead before the next presidency
But us?
In 8 years I'm gonna be 21.
And I better live well past 21.
If I don't 
Then you and me are gonna have a problem in the after life.
Cause every kid deserves to be safe.
If people in the streets
Are pulling out shotguns and shooting people
Cause you voted for the next dictator
who gets rid of elections and takes over the world
then what are you gonna say?

I'm not saying not to vote for who you believe in
But think very well before you vote.
If you see some dude harassing women one second
Then running for president in the next second
Chances are
Your life will kinda suck for the next few years.

Just think!!!!
Oct 24

Why is There War?

Why is there war?
Can't we just agree?
People saying "I don't like this dude.
Let's blow him up!"
Sometimes I see
why war happens.
Like the time 
People stuffed other people into chambers
Of gas.
Or when
People used other people like animals
To do their bidding.
How to stop war?
Stop hating.
Who can possibly think
That other people are less then themselves?
I mean HELLO!!
Get your head up from your phone!
Look around.
These people 
And so do these people and these people.
Is it really that hard?
Let's review!
and accept.
In the words
of AJW,


Oct 21

How can I keep from singing?

So many words
piled up like sand on a beach.
They want out.
They knock on my brain
Wanting to be heard
But I can't say them.
Whenever I try
They come out stuttered and mangled.
Not as beautiful as inside my head.
Not nearly.
I've tried to speak my entire life.
But no.
The only thing I can do is sing.
So I sing
I sing of the people I've lost 
I sing of icy winters
I sing of warm summers
I sing of justice
I sing of love.
I sing of the people who ask me 
why do you sing?
I sing my response.
You can't help talking,
How can I keep from singing?

Oct 21


Oct 21

Be Kind Challenge

Young Writers across the world
Please listen.
I can't do this alone.
We need to bring love back into this place.
All I ask of you is
Hold the door open for someone
Compliment someone.
Or like a piece of writing
Then leave a comment about why you like it.
Tell everyone you care about them.
We are a force to be reckoned with.
Our words can change the world.

Oct 21


Oct 21

Peaceful Protest

"Oh say can you see!
By the dawn's early life!"
Wait a second.
Show some respect
for the flag of freedom
or is it really?
50 great states
But are they really that great?
All Americans
Hats off.
Hands on hearts.
Take a knee.

Politics and sports
are supposed to be different.
But people keep killing
Keep abusing.
Keep hating.
So desperate times call for desperate measures.
High five Football.
Someone needed to say something.
So all Americans
Hats off.
Hands to heart.
Take a knee.

People pulled over
for no apperent reason.
People shot and killed
for no apperent reason.
And people just keep walking
Like that's somehow okay.
So I ask you,
the next time you hear
the glorious anthem
of our "free" country.
I say all Americans
Hats off.
Hands to heart.
Take a knee.
Oct 19

Winter Ponderings

Wind howling across the tangled moor.
Icy strangers show up at my door.
Needing to warm themselves by my fire.
They say they don't know me but they all are liars.
Everyone I kick back on to the plain.
Right into straight into the freezing rain.
They are the demons of my past.
Inching up on me, creeping so fast.
Many envy my warm silent life.
Envy as one would envy a knife.