Nov 15


Nov 14

The Forgotten People

Nov 09


Nov 05

Blank ovals

You seem to think
I want a vote
a voice
a choice
a brain behind my grin
but all I want are blank ovals 
and a sharpie to fill them in.

I'd color each
in orderly lines
like soldiers
they smolder
a fire tinged vapor
but it won't burn away all my blank ovals
or the sharpie marks bleeding into the paper.

I press down
my sharpie
inky blood
deep grudge
carved into history
these blank blank ovals
are screaming to be touched by me.

If the world is
blank ovals
yes or
no or
something in between
some ovals are obvious
but some remain to be seen.

I mark in
my plain ovals
names are 
the same to me
mixed in a big stew
but if society let me be free
I'd fill in an oval for you
Nov 02


each blade of grass
was grown
for you
these birds sing your song
this road goes nowhere just for you
the sun gives you the gift of dawn

these trees bear fruit
so you
may eat
this stream babbles your name
these shoes were sewn for your weary feet
this door opened when you came.

my world was built
for you
to find
to have your "one" be "two"
I sit and wait to hear your name
And somewhere you wait for me too.

Nov 01

Marianne Williamson

We need Marianne Williamson to be the next president of the United States. 

Marianne not only knows what she's doing but she also knows what to say. She's talking about love and peace and harmony where other people are just digging us into a hole or talking about the problems instead of the solutions.
If you don't know who Marianne is, look her up. Watch her talk. Listen to her ideas. Some of it might sound really radical but that's the point. Love is radical nowadays. 
I got the chance to meet her this summer and talk to her. You know how some adults like listen to you then brush you aside? She looked in my eyes the entire time and talked to me like she would have any other person with a vote. 

Her favorite idea of mine is her plan for the Department of Children and Youth. We are being left behind and Marianne knows it. 
She's willing to fight for us and everyone across the world.
Oct 27

Autumn reflections

of broken bones
both young and old
and fall leaves dusty breath
atop the plain
of earthy face
lanterns light to catch
of shadows revealed
and creepy sounds
that houses play in the night
The autumn waits
while winter steals
the rest of her soft bright.
a darkness falls
that none can hear
but oh how they miss the light

Oct 23

Things to say

I am not one for secrets
a love of life with lies
is a lonely game
of fraying string
and dusty blue eyes
Scissors are for construction paper rockets
shatter glassy faced ceilings
burning buildings
ash drifting slowly to the ground
somedays the sun
green and black
against the slippery earth
falls upward and
tangos with stars
I am not one for silence
I am boiling ink and paper
I am strong
I am reslilient
I am here

Sep 27

I think you forget

I think you forget that we are listening.
I think you forget that we wake up and see the same news as you do.
We hear about the shootings,
The violence and the poverty,
The horrible, awful things in the world, too.
But the difference is we care.
We are taking steps to fix mistakes.
We are crowding our government buildings with signs.
We are posting social media messages of support and love for those who need it.
Every one of us wants to help.
We may be sitting at our breakfast table dreaming up ideas for change
Or we may be on the frontlines of this battle for social justice.
No matter where we are or where we come from
We demand change.
We wave the American flag in your faces because you have forgotten that you are not the only Americans.
Pride flags fly across our country but somehow we are still fighting for our rights.
You made mistakes and we are cleaning them up.
Aug 31


Alone but not lonely

The world’s mine for the taking

I wonder how

To pretend I’m not breaking

I used to dream in colors

But they’ve faded away

I stand at imagination’s gates

The only color in my grey

My movie is ending

The stars share one last kiss

Popcorn thrown on the floor

Each kernel, a wish.

In my head I’m falling

I speak in rose petals

My smile’s full of sunshine

But encased in cold metal.

The future, the past

It’s all a big blur

I want things as they will be

Not as they were.

In silence, I’m scared

But words make me stronger

If letters were currency

Then I would finally prosper

But the spotlight is on me

My eyes are beaming with pride

 I’m starting to look for myself