Jul 26


Jul 22


light is a tricky thing
you see it in different shades
but it's always there
it's funny how sometimes i worry
but i somehow can't imagine the absense of light
the absence of you
it's like imagining nothingness
stars fill our eyes with hopes and dreams
for who knows what will happen
take a breath
and wish
a wish for me
a wish for you
a wish for us

Jul 18
poem 2 comments challenge: Hungry


This mask I wear
Firmly in place
Slips side to side 
On the plane of my face
Sometimes a brilliant brown eye
Peeks through
A worn ratty string
The only clue
That maybe I'm human
Behind this guise
I might be scared
But at least I'm alive
The earth looks strange 
Like it's inside-out
It sounds like a whisper
When I try to shout
Someday I hope
This mask will set me free
When I know
The right words for me.
Jul 11

Geometry of NYC

Jul 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Vonnegut


                   is    futile

breathtaking                when


for     one        single
        to         take                                a
Jul 04


Jun 29


Jun 24

Middle School - An odyessy

a sail to the wind
caution has flown
run little girl
run all the way home
keep your eyes
on the vanishing horizen
breathe in the cool night
which the stars soon arise in
a song of forgiveness
gives hope to the sea grey
hold close my hand
please let me stay
somedays you hurt me
and somedays you heal
somedays i'm dreaming
somedays it's too real
imagine a miracle
the bringing of the light
i'll change the world
and you hold me tight.

Jun 19

Rain -a confused metaphor

rain is a poet's muse
not any rain but
a cold rain that drips over the stars
a rain that threatens to push away reality for just one second 
and show you another world.
a secret rain for someone to hide in their pocket
and twirl in when nobody's watching.
rain makes you imagine if this crazy life is real
it is sad with you
and happy for you.
sometimes rain drips into your fading rubber boots
until it topples over the edge
and other times the droplets are a million audience members
for you to take pleasure in
and share with.
Everytime it pours
a raindrop falls for every person on this planet.
We brush aside the rain with our machines
just like we do to those who we think less of.
But all that aside
let me ask you this
rain hurts you sometimes
but doesn't everything?
and how much rain can you afford to lose?
Jun 15

Crimes of the lonely

She once stepped too close to the sun
Now she breathes fire into the ocean
And the tempest dances
She once danced in the stars 
But her feet became cut 
And bled from her prances.
She once enhaled the rain
Letting it cool her words
But sometimes water can’t put out a fire
She once loved to much
Pretended she was free
And was burned by desire.
She once spread her wings
And wished to fly
She once had a friend 
Who loved her
But she made her hold up her sky.