Jun 07


Inspired by the Moonlight Sonata

Imagine a future
Full of bright blinking eyes
Gazing at a new unforgiving world
Broken hearts are
Left to melt on the concrete
Dreams flying like doves from the windows.
Chaos is paused for a single second
A giant intake of breath
Touch the cold metal of emotion
Let it burn you
And soak deep into your skin
Crystal tears leaking from
saddened eyes
Piano fighting against the storm
A perfect dischord of melody
Ebony and ivory clashing swords
One moment in time to remember
Remember the hurt in this world
Remember the people fallen from hate
Remember the poets, the ones set to change the world
Words spilling from our blood into cracks on the sidewalk
Heads silent
Eyes open wide
They are searching for a reality that has disappeared
We just find a new way to think.
Jun 03

Waldorf School Days

kindergarten had the smells
of food dusted in the air
so pungently that if you stuck your tongue out
you could taste the bread baking.

first grade smelled
like chalk dust and new beginnings
and new crayons
that smeared marks onto crisp sheets of paper

second grade hung with the odors
of twenty opinionated kids
and teachers disapproving glances
at my pencil grip

third grade had an aroma like
the sound your heart makes
with a stringed instrument
and mud puddles
from rainy days at the farm

fourth grade scents
were uncertainty
and change filled the air
like a mist on a summer's morning.

fifth grade had a trace
of a spring flower
Short, sweet
and new 
but slightly bittersweet.

sixth grade's fragrance
was that of a sharp knife
and the discoveries of
new freedoms
and friends.
Jun 02

You are Loved

Jun 02

Ocean Night

Tonight all I wish is a tall ship
With the wind in my hair and the sails
My heart beats with the rolling waves
As I lean, laughing over the rails.

Tonight all I wish is a tall ship
And a tune on the lips of the sky
A canvas of stars takes my breath away
My wings are spread, I fly.

Tonight all I wish is a tall ship
And friends teaching me the boat's motion
But soon we will all go our own ways.
And I'll be alone with my ocean.

May 27

Learn to Fly

This is a song that I wrote to a ukulele piece that my stepbrother (Username: Dubz) made up. Would love suggustions for improvement as this is the first song (besides the Maria Antonia Rap ;) that I have ever wrote.

Which way am I wandering
Dreams have led me here before
Breeze brushing teary cheeks
I close my eyes and wish to soar

Do I dare to ask the questions
The answer I'm afraid to know
Find the seed of peace 
And let it grow.

I'm waking up
My heart is free
I'm no houdini
But chains can't hold me
Hands reaching for a splintered sky
Wings torn and broken
I learn to fly.

Watch the seasons slowly falter
Rainy days and starry nights
Sun dripping like a ripe mango
Grab my hands and take flight.

Scared of darkness and of shadows
Reflecting on a shrouded past
May 27


May 27


May 26


I'm standing
a fragment of the puzzle pieces of the world
clicking and grinding into place around me
while I stand
tattered jeans
paint splattered shirt
arms reaching for something that isn't there
I let gravity takes me
and spin me like a broken music box ballerina
around and around
until I am just a molecule
spinning out in the dusty star-lit atmosphere
I twirl away into infinity
without my piece of the puzzle
the earth trembles
and splinters into a torrential downpour
smearing the twilight of stars.


May 19


If life were an ocean
you'd be a bouy
Rising above the waves
If life were a beach
You'd be the young turtle
Crawling toward sun from her cave.

If life were a playground
You'd be the young child 
Inviting all to play.
If life were a sunset
You'd be the last light
In the melting sky to stay.

If life were a flower
You'd be the seed
From which beautiful things grow
If life were a forest
You'd be an evergreen
The one thing not hiding from snow.

If life were a pencil
you'd be the eraser
Who takes away the outdated and old
If life were a diamond mine
you would be
The singular piece of gold.

If life were a storm
you'd be the clouds
Who always rumble a warning
If life were a party
You'd be the only one
Awake to greet the morning.

If life were a music score
You'd be the first note
May 17

How to talk to teenagers

Look us in the eye
We'll look back if we are worth talking to.
If you just see the top of our heads
And our faces lit up by screens
Walk away.
Don't give up though.
Find another one of us who will engage with you.
Don't treat us like we're children,
listen to us as you would listen to someone you respect.
We know what we're talking about
And how to solve your problems
And we'll tell you
If you stop blaming us for what you did.
You think we're frivolous
But we have ideas to change the world.
We are the next generation
Of leaders and thinkers
But we can't lead if you won't hand over the keys to your castle.
The castle we want to rebuild into our home.