May 17


May 14


I believe in watching sunsets
And reaching your fingers up
Until you brush the sky
And have color stained fingers.

I believe in laughing and smiling
And being happy
To be alive in this moment.

I believe in spontaneous hugs
When you run up behind your friends
And just breathe them in
Holding them like you never want to let go
(you don't)

I believe in rain clouds
That stream across your fingers
As you stare at yourself in ripples of puddles
As your boots slowly fill 
Until they overflow.

I believe in speaking out
Until your voice croaks from over use
And the world is a peaceful place
And equality is expected.

I believe in writing.
Putting pen to paper 
Until your hand is cramping
But the waterfall of words spilling from your mouth
Is not slowing.

I believe in you.
Chances are I've never met you
May 12

Lies of the Sun

People have always told me 
That the sun is always above the clouds
And I squint to look
But I just see gray unforgiving clouds.

When I was younger,
I used to imagine that the sun was the rain.
It would drip like an overripe orange
And send liquid drops of light to dash across people's faces.
I imagined that the sun never left 
Just took on different forms.

But now that I'm older,
I know that the sun leaves.
The sun leaves when you're cold and vulnerable
When you're fighting against a tide
That keeps dragging you in and spitting you out.
When you tell the world your secrets 
And it laughs in your face.
When you're reaching for a person
Like a life preserver in a tsunami
But they keep twisting away 
In a wash of sea spray
Until you're choking on your own breath.

Don't try and convince me that the sun is always there.
It isn't.
May 09

Meant to Be

Someday you'll wish you hadn't left me here
The dark and dirty ground
You'll mourn me when you see your savior is the one who pushed me over
Don't worry. I'll forgive you
Just catch me at the bottom
When I'm gasping for breath
Breathe life back into me
I'm reaching for you
And when you look away
I melt into a far away puddle
That if you look into it
You'll see my tear-stained face smiling back at you
Because maybe it wasn't meant to be.
May 08


May 07

How can you hate?

How can you hate when you're lying under the stars?
When you are gazing at hills stretching for miles
Their silvery tips brushed by the copper-colored last light of the sun?
When you are sitting in an empty cathedral 
Sunlight illuminating dust streaming in the air over the alter
Touching your face
As the sounds of a thousand forgotten voices swing through the rafters?
When you wake up to rain streaming down your window
And you reach out
Watching it stream over your hands into puddles below you
That as you lean down
You can see your reflection in them?
When you're sitting on a dock next to your best friend
Watching as the silent sun slowly slips away behind the mountains
And your feet dangle in the cool water?

How can you hate when the most beautiful thing in life is just a heartbeat away?
May 01


The ladybug wanders wonderingly across the wide expanse of her table
Her tiny feet reach the edge
And she wobbles wildly
Before tipping over
Spots swirling into space and time
And puckered up against the hard linoleum
Feet pounding the floor
Yelling questions she does not understand.
She folds her wings and breathes short ragged breaths.

Imagine that ladybug
Seconds before
Wandering toward the edge looming in the distance.
Imagine she reaches it
And doesn't give in to the fall
She spreads her brittle wings
And soars away on the breezes
Footsteps echoing below her.
Apr 30

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry 
That my ancestors forced you to be someone 
That you aren't
That they thought you were less than 
And not equal to.

I'm sorry
That you have to hear people
Yelling ugly slurs
Clicking car locks when you walk by
Or crossing the street when they see you.

I'm sorry
That I don't understand
Your situation as well as you do
And can't help you through it.

I'm sorry
That I have power
That you don't
That I am always innocent
And you are always guilty.

I'm sorry 
That the generations before you have suffered
Because of the generations before me.
I'm sorry that my family took your land
Your identity from you.

I'm sorry
That you have to be careful
Wondering dark alleys
Or be nervous
When you see the flashing red and blue
In your review mirror.

I'm sorry
That you are dehumanized

Apr 27

A sudden thought on destruction

Apr 19