Mar 22

Social Justice Slides

These are the Google Slides used at the 3/21 Voices for Change workshop on Social Justice. We hope they inspire you to do some of your own writing about these issues.
Thank you to all the young writers who came to our event!
-Charlotte and Becca
Mar 22

Life is a Dust Storm

Life is a dust storm
Whirling and twirling
Covering the uncensored thoughts of the people
And turning them in to strict patterned ideas.
This is why we don't stop.
This is why 
Our thermators are shattering when they can't keep up
Guns are releasing death bullets in a hazy cloud, picking children off like it's a game
People are shouting at you when you admit that the people you love share genders with you.
Fear is pounding through our hearts and it hurts like fire and you don't want to breathe.
The frayed ladder of time is slipping through our fingers as we fall back into the night sky.

The dust storm of life has buried us and our will to change things in it so we will never open our eyes.
But if you reach
Past the silt
Past the dirt and grime
There will always and forever be sunshine.
Mar 20

Pieces of Friendship

I am a puzzle piece
Full of angles and edges
Fitting perfectly next your piece
Your ends fitting with my beginnings
I am an edge piece 
Because I'm always looking ahead
Outside the puzzle.
You are a center piece
Because you are surrounded by others
And and the subject of the picture
Always and forever.
Sometimes other pieces are squished next to us
But they never fit quite right as you and I fit.
Of all the puzzles in the world
In the 206 countries,
7 continents
50 states,
5 oceans
How lucky am I that we ended up in the same place?

(For my best friend because she's awesome and beautiful, inside and out. I love you so much.)

Mar 19


Mar 17


Mar 16


Hands searching for answers that they'll never find
Bodies moving to the beat of a tuneless song
Feet pulled into the endless throng
Stuck forever in this bind.
Take my soul and make it glow
Infuse it with a thousnad candle's lights
Bring the peace and leave the fights.
And maybe soon the hope will grow.
None will find the lost
For the sea has washed them clean.
When we meet again, it will be a dream
For reality has too high a cost.
The bird will fly forever in the sky
Its wings will be battered by the breeze
The icecaps will cause the world to freeze
Still unblinking eyes.
Listen to the tunes of writing
And hear the truth of ink
Take the words and of them drink
Making you full of lightning.

Mar 14

Tears for the Reefs

Today I cried.
I cried because my teacher sat down my class and made us watch a documentary on how we are killing coral reefs.
It showed pictures of beautiful plants and animals thirty years ago
Then showed us pictures of dead coral skeletons that were white against the murky ocean.
They told us that we could fix it and make the coral come back alive
But it still won't be the same.
Did you know that if it were not for the ocean
Our daily tempratures would be over 100 degress Farenheit?
I teared up at a photo of nothing.
The coral was just dead. 
It looked like someone had thrown litter there and never taken it out.
Climate change.
That's what's causing this.
Our oceans are warming because of all the carbon in the air
And we are killing animals.
It is highly frowned upon in our society to kill thousands of people.
But the ironic thing is that humans are killing animals and plants every day.
Mar 12

Beautiful Girl

She is so ugly, people all say
But she is only beautiful, born that way.
You just need to look past the paint stains on her worn shirt.
Try to ignore the holes in her skirt.
A small zit is under her nose
Her nail polish smeared on, a bright "dusty rose".
Her shoes are gray, the laces tied tight
But on her face, she holds a smile so bright
That it lights up the clouds, the future, the world!
Society hates her, but she is the most beautiful girl.

Mar 09


Mar 08


I want this moment to last forever
Because I feel nothing but happiness 
Nothing but love
Nothing but excitement.
A few clouds will drift back into my sky later
But for now
In this snapshot second 
My heart is beating strongly
My head is thrown back and I’m laughing
The snow is swirling around
And I feel alive.