Oct 04
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A girl bought an umbrella yesterday — to protect herself from the rain.
It was a nice thing to have it. This way she could see the rain falling all around the umbrella, but not have to get wet.
She was protected.
She could walk up and down the sidewalk and people wouldn't bump into her because the size of her umbrella gave her a bubble of air all to herself.
People would compliment it sometimes — they would say that they liked the pattern or they just liked the way it looked against the grey sky.
She seemed sophisticated — her umbrella made her stand out from the general scene ... but in a good way.
The girl across the street appeared in the opposite light.
She blended in with the grey sky to a fault — to the point of almost disappearing.
Her hair and clothes were drenched in rain. She had no umbrella.
She was not protected.
People bumped into her as she walked because no one noticed she was there. But it wasn't her fault.
May 17
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We can lie on our backs and gaze up at the sky,
Let the seconds become hours,
Allow the birds to pass by.
Let the noises dissolve into murmurs and songs,
Let the light on our faces keep us peaceful and calm.
Let the worries in our heads flee from this place,
Let the feelings in our hearts slowly gain space.
So, we can lie on our backs and gaze up at the sky,
With the day passing by and our tears starting to dry.

It's okay to pause and just take a breath,
Because we are all human, and we all deserve rest.
Apr 14
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Music on the ceiling

The girl couldn't sleep.
Not when there was a party downstairs.
Not when there was music that crept under her closed door and whispered for her to stay awake.
The music seemed to sit at the foot of her bed and watch her as she tried to count her thoughts.
The girl looked at the shadows that came and went across her ceiling. Normally, they frightened her.
However, tonight was different.
Tonight there was a party downstairs, so the shadows on her ceiling seemed to dance.
When she looked up, all the girl could see were dancers that twirled and spun, waved and laughed, illuminated by the spotlight that shone through the crack under her door.
The girl watched as the shadows bowed and curtsied to one another, and then all went around in a circle holding hands.
There seemed to be lots of joy in the way the shadows danced. 
Mar 17
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Walking on a sunny day

Yesterday I walked through a town.
The town felt sleepy.
Not sleepy, as in there was no one awake,
But sleepy as in everything here seemed to move at a slower pace,
Like the long sidewalks were just giving people the space to think.
There were people outside, but somehow the street felt quiet.

But it wasn't the sad kind of quiet that makes the locals look down and makes the strangers wonder what happened ...
This quiet was the kind that seemed to let people catch their breath and look around.
There wasn't really much to look at, because the town was small.
Or maybe there was lots to look at if you weren't just passing through. 
The sun hung in the sky and glinted down on the melting snow.
Some kids were walking home from school. One of them was kicking a piece of gravel. 
I watched.
I didn't know this town, but maybe I could write about it.
Jan 26
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A palace of words

Scissors of light cut through the paper walls of our house.
They zigzag across the floor and force folded shadows to emerge.
Cutouts of snowflakes rain down from the sky and come to melt in puddles of words at our feet.
The air crinkles with the briskness of a crumpled up piece of newspaper being tossed into the fireplace.
I watch the world through my ink stained window,
And wonder at the printed lines that have built up our home.

Jan 15
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Mind watcher

The girl watched as a picture show of thoughts paraded their way through her imagination.
She sat in the front row of the theater as a blind person of her own making projected images onto a screen.
She sat alone and mostly in the dark in that vast, silent space. The rows, the balconies, and the aisles were all empty.
One person entered. It was a person from the girl's future. She didn't notice.
People waited in a queue behind the entrance doors,
All eager to see their thoughts displayed for their own viewing and yet slightly nervous at the same time.
The girl waited. More people from her future trickled in at different points from various exits and took their seats. 
The girl did not take her eyes off of the screen.
The credits began to roll down it. Of course, she knew everyone personally.
Dec 21
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The tree planter

When my grandpa was in fifth grade he and his father decided to plant a Red Maple tree in their backyard in Missoula, Montana. My grandpa said he remembered how small that tree had been when it first started growing, “about as thin as a broomstick…” When he was a kid my grandpa's family moved around a lot so he didn’t have the time see that tree grow up the way that he wanted to when he was younger. Still, he never forgot about it. Even as the years went by that little Red Maple tree was tied to a special memory of him and his father doing something good together, and that was important. In fact, that memory stayed so strong in my grandpa’s mind that 50 years later he decided to go back to his childhood home and check up on that same tree.
Nov 17
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The way we see Sky

Roger: I see Sky every day on my way to school. He walks by himself, but I don’t know where he lives. I never really talk to him, except for one time back in third grade when we were partners in gym class. I guess I remember him pretty well back then. He wasn’t popular, but he was okay. I don’t really think we have anything in common now. I mean he’s apparently some kind of star athlete, but I’ve never seen him play. He’s just always by himself. I don’t know why. It’s kind of weird actually. But I think he’s a good guy,  even though we don’t hangout. I mean I have my own friends you know? I’m sure he’s got his too, even if they don’t go to the same school. He just looks like the kind of person you want to be friends with, even though sometimes when he’s working on a test or something I look over at him and see that his face is all angry. I figure that’s how I usually look.
Oct 24
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Halloween night

I feel a chill spin through the air,
and hear the autumn leaves crunch beneath my feet.
A cool breeze blows back my hair,
as the watchful trees begin to creak.
The world feels eerie, cold and still,
if only for a minute...
I come across an abandoned barn...
there's nobody in it.
I walk along this strange ghost town,
and see my reflection in the glass.
The streets are wide,
I go up and down,
knowing that memories are all in the past.
I sit down on a bench and look up at the moon, feeling absorbed in the ominous night.
I shiver and breathe what the silence means...
Halloween has taken flight!
Aug 21
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purple sneakers

There was a boy with purple sneakers and grey eyes.
His name was Palace.
But of course everyone knew that.
Or maybe he just assumed they did.
He didn't talk to people very much, not unless he needed to.
He assumed that if anyone wanted to talk to him they would.
Why wouldn't they?
Day after day Palace always hung out at the same corner downtown.
It was a nice corner. Safe...minimal traffic...a view of his favorite avenue....
He never went down his favorite avenue though...
Maybe that was because it was lined with fancy well kept up houses that were owned by rich people.
Even though his name was Palace his parents had only named him that with the hope that by some miracle he might be able to live in one someday.
But that hadn't happened yet.
But it would. Wouldn't it?