Sep 22


The music is blasting 
lights are flashing 
people dancing dancing dancing
but inside
the hole were my soul used to be is open wide.
I look around at the happy faces around me
trying to blend in so no one can see
there is no smile behind my mask.
I’m falling falling falling
there are others with masks too
We all band together 
as or hearts break it two,
he doesn’t care
he never did 
and I can’t bare to look
he’s laughing laughing laughing.
Laughing in my face
making me regret so many things 
I want to get away from this place 
prison of guilt 
prison of pain 
prison of tears.
but we band together,
the ones who see the cruelness that has been dealt to us 
hope never lasts forever,
though we try try try 
so I keep on dancing 
keep on falling 
keep on laughing 
keep on trying 
hope doesn’t last forever,
but neither do we.
Sep 15


In school, I have a job.
As a dance coordinator,
I have to
and brainstorm our school dances.
My skills will be put to the test this month.
Our first dance.

In school, I have a mission.
To raise enough money to send my grade to Canada
and the Great Escape.
and to just take a break,
from school and home alike.

In school, I have a goal.
To complete all these tasks,
and to do them right.
For that, I need to be
and so much more.

Guess I have a lot to live up to.

Sep 12
poem 0 comments challenge: Wishes

My wishes

My first wish would be for us to complete all the united nations sustainable development goals.
They are 17 goals focused around inproving our planet and society by 2030.
You should all go check them out sometime.

My second wish would be to help them find a cure for cancer.
I personally haven't been close to anyone who has gotten it,
But I can't imagine how terrible it must be.

My third wish would be to end climate change,
and make people realize what a big problem it could have been.
I want to make people understand.

Past, present, and future, we can all feel.
Our feelings matter.

Sep 12

Wish I knew

I see you
almost everyday
our eyes meet for a second,
but its never enough.
Empty space hangs between us,
only sometimes broken by a few furtile words.
I don't know why I'm pulled to you,
like a moth drawn to a flame.
soon to be burned, burned, burned.
I'm scared to move,
to look in your direction
because a few words could take the air out of my lungs,
because one look could drown me in tears,
Because enough dark thoughts could rip the seams of my patched heart,
and I wish I knew
how you feel
If I could read your mind
what would I find?
Jun 30

The beginning of my summer

Have you ever seen a map of a persons mind?
Doctors sometimes draw maps of other parts of you,
but catch them try to draw a map of a childs mind,
which is not only confused,
but keeps going 'round all the time?
And that map is Never land.
There are zigzag lines on it,
with astonishing splashes of color here and there,
and coral reefs and rakish-looking boats,
and a cave through which a river runs,
and savages and gnomes,
and elder brothers,
and a hut, going fast to decay.
It would be an easy map if that were all,
but there is also the first day at school,
the round pond,
verbs that take the dative,
chocolate pudding,
getting braces,
and so on,
and either these are part of the island or they are another map showing through,
and it is all rather confusing,
especially as nothing will stand still
Jun 14

After I died

I was falling, falling into a black abyss, the place of no return. Silence pressed up around me, squashing my very essence into a small, untouchable ball. I could not feel, for I had no arms or legs, or a body, for that matter. I had no mouth to breathe out of, and no eyes to blink. My memory was fuzzy, images flashing by in an instant and never really making sense. Something was coming, racing towards me and calling out my name.
If I could have, I would have screamed. Very loud.
Hovering in front of me was a porcalin mask, but I could see that this was no normal mask. Its smile streached up painfully high, its eyes two diagonal slits in its face. Its thin mouth trembled, as if it was struggling to speak out loud.
Carter. Welcome.
I frantically tried to escape, but I couldn't move. Welcome to what? I thought mindlessly.
To the Other Side. 
Jun 12


I walk into school

Smiling and hoping for the sun to be bright above us

cheering us up

warming our faces

I see you

walking into school

Also smiling

but I can see behind your mask

I can see behind the laughing look in your eyes

and I see that you are







And I look on in silence

Not knowing what to do

Your eyes are dry from crying tears

That you don’t deserve to cry

Look to the light

Look to the better

Look to us

The ones who love you

Because you don’t have to be


You are strong enough to push aside your pain

I know you can

Jun 01

We believe in you

When he said no
I cried a river
You must be feeling a hundred times more
When I squeezed my eyes tight and wished for my feelings for him would die
I know you are feeling a thousand times more
When I watched my tears drip down to the blanket
Your blanket must be soaked
Remember we are here
I am here
Just as you were for me
Stay strong, stand tall
Because I believe in you
We all do
We can be your outlet when you are feeling down 
He is twisted
He is hurting you
He is making you into his own puppet show
Playing with your feelings like they don’t matter
laughing at your misery 
Blinded by his own naive opinions,
not ready to accept the truth.
And the truth is that 
When we look into your eyes, 
we see more than your appearance.
We see who you truly are.
And that is what makes you beautiful.
Ten thousand times more beautiful then her.
May 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Peace

Questions for society

What is our vision of peace?
Is it the raging wars and the echoing sounds of gunshots of our past, present, and future?
Is it the angry protests that fight bravely for ones own beliefs?
Is it the sad eyes that watch their friends suffer from infection and disease?
Is it the shocked silence when someone realizes that their childs school has been threatened by a troubled person and a gun?

What can it really be?

Is this what we have really become?

We can do better then this.
War may be an universal language,
and people might be willing to hurt innocents,
but it is no excuse.
We are overwelmed and overrun with issues to sort out,
we should do it quickly and equally.
We are running out of time, society.
Something must be done,
before its to late.


May 29

Some writing prompts for 2019-20

Write about someone who wishes to touch the moon. Describe vividly how they admire the moon, and why they want to reach it. You can start or finish with the line "I only wish to touch the moon."

Describe a world that you would find practically perfect. 

Think about a time when you got in an argument with a friend or family member. How did you solve it? What really has stuck with you sense then?

Think about how you are different from everyone else. What makes you stand out? 

You are a famous fashion designer. What are some of your greatest acomplishments? 

Three wishes
If you were blessed with the chance to have three wishes that would all come true, what would you do?