Nov 12


This is a story I wrote in Language arts about Social Justice. I thought that it would fall under the subject of Trump trying to repeal the Asylum Law.

I'm running.
Fleeing my only home.
The night air is hot in my lungs, my eyes burning from all the dust. I looked down at my hands, covered in grime, dirt clotting under my nails. I opened and closed my hands a few times, thinking. I was fleeing because of the inequality I had been facing. I was a black woman. The last on the list. The bottom of the pecking order. I looked up, and saw the high wall towering over me, sharp spires shooting into the sky from its top.
The wall.
Sanding stationary, blocking my only hope of escape.
Never will justice be served.
I'm running.
Fleeing my only home.
The wall.
Nov 08


My silence is a prison
and yours is my oblivion.
Your tears speak to me,
sing of loneliness and pain.
Wish you would open your eyes and see
the way I look at you.
Wish I could open my mouth and speak,
speak my heart out to you,
but when I meet your gaze, I'm mute.
You are the night sky,
beautiful and cold.
Need the fire of hope
gold flame chasing away your shadows.
Wish I could take you to the moon
so we could paint with stardust on our cheeks,
drink the silver moonlight,
feel the cool air against our skin.

But when I meet your gaze I'm mute.
Nov 08


You've done it for me
so now I'll do it for you
pick you up
set you on your feet again 
for what seems like the millionth time 

Jealousy itself is a demon.
it chases around everything you live for,
living within others,
and sometimes spilling out of you.
A toxic parasite living on your misery.

I see the way you look at him 
read the look In your eyes 
see your dreams 
where you count up your bottled tears
your digging yourself a hole,
so deep and dark,
that he won't even be able to see,
What kind of pain he is causing.
That she won't be able to see,
That you are drowning in her looming shadow.

Turn your anger into words
manufest them into works of art
your insperation paints a picture in your head
yet never takes physical shape

so please,
write until your fingers break.

Nov 03

The nobodies

She is a caged animal
she is a weeping tree
she sits alone in the dark without the stars or moon.
she is nobody

he watches happy couples with rosy cheeks,
he hears warm laughter that sound like merry bells ringing 
he waits for love to come, to himself, and for him to give to others.
he is nobody

They yearn to hold another's hand and look deep into their eyes
they want to feel pure sunshine on their skin and walk so their feet don't touch the ground 
they look up to the moon and only wish to trace its cold surface, to drink fading starlight and the night sky and hope to be born anew-
they are nobody

I sleep and dream of the future, in all its bittersweet loveliness,
I awake and relive the past with the upmost clarity,
I remain invisible to prying eyes. 
I am nobody.

We make pallets from our masks
we make canvases from our tears 

Oct 25
poem 0 comments challenge: America?

Speaking out

I wrote this to say
That I am taking action 
That I am speaking out
That I am an activist
That I am representing many young teens just like me
ready to speak out
and ready to fight for what is right
peacefully and persevere through our hardships
to come together as a community
as family
as one
to love ourselves
to love others
and to look around 
at the faces supporting you
who are not all as white as clouds
to embrace our differences
it sounds easy, but its hard
because if its so easy
why hasn't it happened yet?

Oct 24


This is supposed to be sung as a song.
My feet
hit the earthen ground
my breath
makes a sobbing sound
my heart
slowly breaks in two
my soul
fades away into nothing
because I'm running
Running away
from you
even though I don't want to
because running is the only thing I can do
to escape
My dark thoughts that chase me through the haunting wood
like every other fairy tale would
but this is real
maybe not for you
I only wish to seal
to seal them away
for my tears
slide down my cheek
my moon
slowly wains through weeks and weeks 
as I run
away from the world I knew
as I run
until my legs break and fall askew
as I run
until my eyes see a sign
until the stars really shine
until I leave my old life behind
I'll keep running
because I know
I'll never stop running
For you
Sep 22


The music is blasting 
lights are flashing 
people dancing dancing dancing
but inside
the hole were my soul used to be is open wide.
I look around at the happy faces around me
trying to blend in so no one can see
there is no smile behind my mask.
I’m falling falling falling
there are others with masks too
We all band together 
as or hearts break it two,
he doesn’t care
he never did 
and I can’t bare to look
he’s laughing laughing laughing.
Laughing in my face
making me regret so many things 
I want to get away from this place 
prison of guilt 
prison of pain 
prison of tears.
but we band together,
the ones who see the cruelness that has been dealt to us 
hope never lasts forever,
though we try try try 
so I keep on dancing 
keep on falling 
keep on laughing 
keep on trying 
hope doesn’t last forever,
but neither do we.
Sep 15


In school, I have a job.
As a dance coordinator,
I have to
and brainstorm our school dances.
My skills will be put to the test this month.
Our first dance.

In school, I have a mission.
To raise enough money to send my grade to Canada
and the Great Escape.
and to just take a break,
from school and home alike.

In school, I have a goal.
To complete all these tasks,
and to do them right.
For that, I need to be
and so much more.

Guess I have a lot to live up to.

Sep 12
poem 0 comments challenge: Wishes

My wishes

My first wish would be for us to complete all the united nations sustainable development goals.
They are 17 goals focused around inproving our planet and society by 2030.
You should all go check them out sometime.

My second wish would be to help them find a cure for cancer.
I personally haven't been close to anyone who has gotten it,
But I can't imagine how terrible it must be.

My third wish would be to end climate change,
and make people realize what a big problem it could have been.
I want to make people understand.

Past, present, and future, we can all feel.
Our feelings matter.

Sep 12

Wish I knew

I see you
almost everyday
our eyes meet for a second,
but its never enough.
Empty space hangs between us,
only sometimes broken by a few furtile words.
I don't know why I'm pulled to you,
like a moth drawn to a flame.
soon to be burned, burned, burned.
I'm scared to move,
to look in your direction
because a few words could take the air out of my lungs,
because one look could drown me in tears,
Because enough dark thoughts could rip the seams of my patched heart,
and I wish I knew
how you feel
If I could read your mind
what would I find?