Apr 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Dream


I stood on the edge of the huge battleship.
My bare feet felt the roughness of the wooden floor beneath me.
I held to the railing,
gripping it tightly,
my hair whipping around my face
as the ship reared up on the tall waves.
Oddly, no rain came with this storm.
The sky was a blank yet dark gray.
I watched the waves crash into one another
as if they were fighting for dominance
over the vast ocean.
The rest of the crew struggled to keep our ship upright,
pulling on the mast and yelling across the howling wind to one another.
My job was to watch for land,
yet there was no land in sight.
Suddenly, a pillar of light shot from the sky
hitting the surface of the water and shooting right through.
The whole world seemed to hold its breath
then the water started to recede
as if the light was sucking it in.
I watched in disbelief as a shark was pulled into the bright light.
Apr 24

a little collection of poems for all

For all the kids out there
who make amends with bitter words
you can still dream

"You didn't come into my life
I fell down the stairs into yours"
~A friend

Don't make reasons for others to pity you
becuase then you will just create more pain for yourself

Sometimes my imagination soars
but other times it doesn't want to leave bed
Apr 23
poem 0 comments challenge: Royalty

The Queen of the sand

Her hair is a glowing golden sea
her eyes as blue as her ocean home
her ruby red lips have been carved from gemstones
and her delicate skin shaped by the waves
She rules her kingdom with beauty and grace
her sand castles streaching high to the sun
her crown adorned with the pastel seashells of the past
her mythical army of carved sand men and women
stand ready for command
their eyes two heartless black stones
their faces as blank as the moon
they are merciless 
but their Queen is not
So she stands on the balcony of her sand palace
looking out to the ocean
thinking of the clouds and the stars
she is the Sand Queen
Apr 18

Deep Regret

Sometimes its always on my mind
sometimes its easy to forget.
But when I am reminded it hits me like a heavy stone
a violent gust of wind
and I am horrified of how I could have forgotten
it is the elephant in the room
but some continue to deny.
Why do they continue to ignore it?
Is it because they are scared?
Or angry?
These questions fill my head
every time I remember.
stubborness is something I understand, sometimes
but not when it comes to our entire planet slowly heating up over time
slowly annihilating all living life
until nothing is left for the polar bears
summer or winter
to stand or live on
until we have nothing to iceskate on
because it will be too warm
I also speak directly to our president
who I respectfully and honorably but totally disagree with
Climate change is real
and soon it will be one of your deepest regrets

Apr 18

The Cycle

The barren and iced branches of the tree
slowly began to drip,
falling onto the lightly frosted ground
without a sound.
The pale white sky slowly fades to a clear blue,
giving the world a touch of color
little spatters of vivid paint dropped by the stars
who hide behind the low clouds,
waiting for their right time to shine.
The sun sometimes cuts a small hole in the sky,
a savior for those early-rising plants
and when the moon flies above the darkness at night
it is a guiding light.
And when the trees finally grow their leaves,
they know that this will happen again.
It is the cycle.
Apr 15

Glass bottles

One bottle full of the glittering dreams I dreamed during faithful last year
Two bottles of the blood of my now scarred arm
Ten bottles of salty tears from which I cried
Five bottles of fear of being descovered
Four bottles half full of the pain of the secrets that cut deep into my heart
Seven bottles of the cruel laughing faces of my so-called friends
Eight bottles of the emptiness of my scarred heart
Eleven bottles of angry words towards my enemies
Nine bottles of a dim dread from that one and only person
And Twelve bottles of the golden flame of hope that I hope will last me for the rest of my days.
My past may be written in stone,
and I might regret some of the things I have done,
or didn't do.
Those glass bottles I will keep in a wooden shelf
where only I can reach

Apr 15

Being human

Maybe we all don't see the same colors
Maybe we all don't have the same fears
Maybe we all don't have the same political veiws
Maybe we all don't have the same color of skin
Maybe we all don't have the same practiced culture
Maybe we all don't have the same beliefs
Maybe we all don't have the same train of thought
Maybe we all don't eat the same food
Maybe we all don't enjoy the same subjects in school
Maybe we all don't like the same TV shows
Maybe we all don't live in the same place
Maybe we all don't wish for riches and fame
But maybe thats just being human.

Apr 15

unspoken horrors

The door shuts behind as Mom and Dad leave for their "special night out", leaving me with my naughty little sister. I turn to her, putting my hands on my hips. "Okay, this time you do not get up in the middle of the night and try to take Venisa on a walk, okay?" I ordered her, pointing to our sad blue beta fish who I had to put on top of the fridge, just in case. Julia nodded, smiling widely and a drip of drool hanging from her chin. I sighed, rubbing my eyes and pulling Julia by her puggy hand into our TV room. I put on Julia's favorite show, The Backyardagins, and let myself slowly drift off.
I awoke later to find that our power had seemed to have been shut off. All the lights in the house where off, and the only thing that was illuminating the room was the weak light of my phone. Which was buzzing, as if it was alive and panicking. I picked it up, squinting at the words that apeared on the screen:
Apr 10
poem 4 comments challenge: Cold


The cold wind burns my skin
and I look around at my surroundings in shock.
I am standing on a tall mountain
a piller
made from rock-hard snow and ice
the air around me is a whirlwind of gray and white
howling its shrill cry
and echoing around me
a bittersweet song of loneliness
for only me to hear
My teeth chatter like a chainsaw
knocking on a locked door in my mind

Apr 10

Look beyond the pain

I’m sorry
I’m sorry for the broken heart you have tucked away
I’m sorry for your sunken soul and saddened face
I’ll stand beside you anyways
Even if you want to be locked away for forever
Even if you are convinced you are never going to get better
Because you will
My pain could never account to the heartbreak you have felt
Even if it was multiplied by a million
I can’t even imagine
But I will stand by you, your faithful friend
Who will be the crutch for your blackened heart
Because if you fill your scars with ashes
It will just tear you apart
And the tears I have cried could never account to the weight of your secrets
The weight of your pain
The weight of your emptiness
I’m sorry for your loss
But we are only 12, aren’t we?
Our whole life ahead of us
Wear your scars on your sleeve
Because sometimes they can fuel your triumphs
Look beyond your pain
I know you can do it.