Oct 22
poem 0 comments challenge: Run


I am running
running away
from my home
from my family
from my country
my country
was unfair to woman
like me
and I only just
became the woman
I am today
I turned 18 last week
My country 
favored men
over woman
like a dog
eager to please its master
and this dogs master
is my leader
the leader
I am running from
Oct 17

The fact of knowing

Oct 17
poem 8 comments challenge: Silence

Shelter in place

It happened suddenly
that day
we were in math
our teacher was ranting
about pre-algebra
even though
no one was listening
a voice
over the loudspeaker
clear the halls,
clear the halls,
this is not a drill.
I repeat,
this is not a drill.

The class when silent.
Our teacher
fearfully went
to lock the door
and we hid
on the same side as the door
so if someone looked
in the classroom
we would not be seen
for once,
we didn't make a sound.
fear was thick in the air
the sound of footsteps
echoing through the halls
it seemed as if
the whole room
was holding its breath
the whole world
there was the sound
of someone rattling
our door handle
a angry curse
and then the footsteps continued
down the hall
*  *  *
an hour later,
we were told
Oct 17


Kira frantically tried to make
a wild dash for the stairwell before the whole top half of the house was blown away.
Taking a panicked leap,
she grabbed the little bag that was hanging on the side of the stairwell.
Suddenly, the house gave a groan,
and the stairs and the whole entire top half of the house was ripped off the walls,
tossed away from the house´s complex,
and Kira screamed.
She hit the floor, gripping the wooden trap door and flinging it open,
right as the wind started to tug at her cloths.
Rain slammed down on her back as she slipped into the little opening,
shutting the door behind her.
Maradith and Regan huddled there,
eyes wide, 
shivering as the horrid sounds from above
grew steadly louder. 
"Are we safe?"
Regan's voice was shill with fear.
Kira took a shaky breath.
"We should go further underground.
We will be safer there."
Oct 17
poem 2 comments challenge: Reality

Only Me

I am standing there
on my back porch
looking at the sunset
but I don't see sunsets
like everyone else
to me they are tainted
everything is
with a muted black-and-white
as if my eyes refuse to see color
I don't know why
the doctors say it is a severe case
of color blindness
while I sit in a room
dark shadows on the pale walls
but only I see those pale walls
I am told they are a rich orange
something I cannot see
I want to be relised from this prison
of my brain
were colors just don't exist
I wish
I didn't have this
that only I can see
only me