Dec 06
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what should I do?

recently I told one of my bestfriends friend a big secret about myself. 
one i havent told anyone
i'm afriad to admit this to anyone
by anyone that including myself
the fear of peoples thoughts 
the fear they might judge me

In someways im afriad for myself
I dont want my entire life to change
and if I tell
my life will be switched upside down 
and everything will different

I know a lot of people have gone through this
some over came some died
I told one thats in the same situation
one that went through this a few years back 

that person is the one person i trust 
the one I go to for advice
they wont say they tell 
my secret is safe with them 
and with no one else

questioning sucks 
not knowing sucks
whats gonna happen if its true
well maybe its time I find out. 
but will I
probably not
Nov 11
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Never fall for a musician

Never fall for a musician

You always seemed like such a fool to me
I didn't realize that you were this cool
Now I see you everywhere i look

I didn't know that someone like you
Could be this cruel
I never thought you were like them
I never thought you would be that mean to me

I guess I should of known
I guess i mean all musicians
Are the same

Never should i fall again for your games
You just played with my emotions
Turned me back to what I was before
Made me stop made me think what did I do

Your so cool i'm so drool
Your so popular i'm a nerd
We never should of friend to be friends

I fell for you way to quick
I fell for your talent
I fell for your smile

I thought you were not cool before
But now I see your much to cool
You have a band
Everyone knows
Oct 18
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Do I care about him anymore

            I have never had a good relationship with my dad; I have never even met him. Some may even say that I hate him but really I don’t; I’m just mad. When I was about seven or eight years old I started asking more and more about who my dad was and why I never saw him. I didn’t really think too much into it back then because I was just a little kid. I missed out on things when I was little such as Father Daughter Movie Nights and basically any father daughter thing there was in Elementary school.