May 08
fiction 0 comments challenge: Wind
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The Butterfly Affect

a gentle breeze knocks a small pinecone off the tree onto the path 
a little girl steps on it, falls and hurts her arm
her mom calls an ambulance
there's a woman driving that's late for a job interview but has to stop because an ambulance is coming
at the interview, they get tired of waiting and start someone else's interview instead
when the women finally gets to the interview they say its too late
shes upset so she decides to go to the store and get some ice cream
an elderly man in the checkout line notices she looks sad so he pays for her ice cream 
the women thanks the man and heads home
when she gets home she sees child fall off his bike, she rushes over to help and offers to drive him home
when they get to his house his mom invites her inside
the women owns a consulting firm and offers her a job, after a few hours she heads home
she eats dinner and thinks about the job the boy's mom offered her
May 08
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opening my eyes to the morning sun seeping into the cabin
the sleepy walk up to breakfast
eager faces in the dining hall, excited for the day ahead   
the squeak of chairs as counselors announce clearing games, running to find someone with a watch or a certain birthday trying not to be last 
the waterfront with all the boats, the trampoline, the waterslide, and the volleyball nets
the lake shimming and sparkling in the early afternoon light 
climbing the big hill and running down the other side to get the archery range, the soccer field, and arts and crafts
getting lunch from the buffet then sitting down to talk and laugh with friends 
heading back to the cabin to write a letter to parents, or working on the friendship bracelets tied onto waterbottles    
watching the brilliant sunsets from the theater porch after dinner
evening activities, running through the big open fields of long grass smelling the warm summer air
Dec 23
poem 1 comment challenge: Tomorrow
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Tomorrow I hope she changes, 

I hope she turns back into the person I used to know
Seven years and then everything changed

I don't recognize her anymore but there's nothing I can do

All the memories still there in my head like ghosts,

You can feel them but you can't reach out and actually grab them

All of the laughs and even the fights

We were always there for each other

Now we can barely look at each other 

Tomorrow I want my best friend back

Oct 29
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I Dare You

It was Halloween night, 11 o’clock and I was lost in the woods, my heart was beating so fast I was sure anything that was out there could hear it. My hands were shaking, they were cold and clammy.

Everything around me was silent except for the occasional gust of wind that would send a shiver up my spine. A branch cracking behind me made me jump, the feeling of being alone started to disappear but was replaced with an even worse feeling, a feeling that someone or something was watching me.

My phone had died hours earlier so I couldn't call anyone, all I could do was wait. Wait until someone noticed I was gone and wait until they sent someone looking for me but who knows what time it is now. I thought about earlier at Payton’s house, why did I agree to this? I could have just said no when the white screen popped up with small letters reading: spend a night in the woods alone. 
Feb 13
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The piano starts to play.
My entrance is coming closer and closer,
faces looking up at me bright and expectant. 
My bow is now on the string, I start to play,
hundreds of eyes on me, watching,
fingers flying over the strings;
it starts to get easier, forget everyone watching. 
Focus on doing what you love,
last note, my bow drifts over the string
making it last as long as possible. Then I'm done.
Silence, then applause bursts out of the audience.
I think about how hard I worked to get here,
it was all worth it, how nervous I was when they called me next,
all of those nights in my room struggling on that one spot I couldn't get right,
now here I am. I played perfectly.
When I walk off the stage it's like a mountain is lifted off my shoulders,
I can breathe again,
my family and friends meet me in the hall,
everyone is hugging me.
I'm happier than I ever thought was possible.