Oct 08
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Every day I would look at that house, walk by it and think not too much about it. Years go by. Until one day I decide to take a closer look at it. October 30 is today and Halloween is tomorrow, and I thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look. I open up the black chalky gate, it creeks open when I push it. The house, a mustard yellow, old silk curtains that are almost brown in the windows. I decide to go back to my day, go back tomorrow night with my friend Max just in time for Halloween. 

The next day, I lie in my bed thinking about what's going to happen. 
Oct 28
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What she's thinking

 Why is school such a stretch, I have so much homework, so much reading, so much writing, why do teachers do this to us, do they want us to suffer? L.A is easy for me, but math on the other hand I have trouble with, I know 2+2= 4 all that stuff, but fractions what even are those? Who would even create such a thing called math? I can't even look into the sky it's so sunny, But the sky is glistening off the water. I think tomorrow is supposed to rain, ahhhh rainy days, the best weather forecast of all times. The air is so chilled, I feel like the rain refreshes me, my brain, it's like a stress reliever.