Feb 07
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Middle-of-the-night Texts

It was one of those middle-of-the-night texts.  An official phone alert says there has been bombing in the city. They are telling everyone to lock your doors and to stay in the basement and stay in touch with your local radio.  Outside, we can hear police cars zooming across the streets and helicopters with a radio yelling to go inside. My mom, brother, and I are huddled together in the basement because that is what you’re supposed to do.
Oct 30
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Zeke´s winter story

One day last winter I was snowboarding with my friend at Bolton Valley. It was the day of the 6th grade field trip. My third run of the day was the best because it was on the biggest mountain. I was so nervous because it was so steep. But then I watched my friend go down and I thought why don’t I try it. I was sliding down the hill toward a jump on my snowboard. The snow was icy hard and wet from the sunny day. I hit the jump, I flew through the air and landed in a big pile of snow. My friends laughed from the chairlift and asked if I was okay.

Oct 29
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The boy wanders off to this dock to watch the sunset. Something that made him worried has just happened.  He needs time alone because he heard about a friend going to the ER because the person got badly harmed at camp. He is distressed because of what happened.