Feb 10
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Different but all the same

No matter,
Our differences.
Our Skin.
Our Clothes.
Our Hair.
Our Home.
Our Beliefs.
Our Religions.
We can put aside all-
Of our differences
And come together 
As one.

We can have trust in one another.
We can believe in one another.
But most of all we can become one,
and put aside every single one of our differences
and instead look at all of our similarities
and learn from one another, and come together as one.

Jan 29
opinion challenge: Spoken
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One United Nation

Amanda Gorman has been the light throughout this dark time. And so has everybody else. You can be a light for someone else. You can inspire someone to keep on going and trying. All you have to do is try. You may not know it but, she has. Listening to her words not only brings us realization of what this country is and what it stands for, but how we need to fix all of the hate that comes upon us. In these times of fear, dought, hate, anger, and loss, we need to come together and stand as one united nation. All of us, no matter who we are, what we believe in, what we identify as, the color of our skin, or what we were. This hatred between all of us, is just dragging the proud name of our country down. Our country is in the trash because of what we have done, and the decisions we have made. But together we can become stronger, we can let go of all of the negativity that has haunted our past, and if we keep them in our heads and in our hearts, it will soon haunt our future.
Jan 28
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Nothing's Lost Forever

There is a light that is hidden
by Darkness 
and differences.
The light is hidden deep underground
with times of violence and hate,
it goes further away
no one could see it at all.
Hope was lost,
lost and swallowed by Darkness
people were lost with sorrow and anger
slowly the light was seen,
just a peek but it was a sign
that hope,
and excitement
was not lost, 
that people that needed help,
could be helped and cared for
and people who are depressed,
and distressed,
could be settled and happy.
Finally the light was shining
so bright it was blinding.
Let's not let this light go away again.

Jan 28
poem challenge: Spoken
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With Unity

Sisters and Brothers.
We all come together
With unity,
With freedom,
With love.
We all have rights
And beliefs,
But that doesn’t make us the same.
We all are different in a way.
We all can stand for what we believe
And join together
To make the world
An even better place.

Jan 28
poem challenge: Spoken
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People are powerful.

People’s words are powerful.

You yourself, 
the words you say yourself,
are powerful.

within the words you say, there's power.

In them,
on them,
the words you say,
have pure power all around them.

When you speak you are giving a message.
Every message you give 
to yourself,     
To your own world-
They all, 
every single word
has power.
Feb 22
nonfiction challenge: WHO-Contest
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I Am Leona Smith

I am Leona Smith,  the only daughter of parents with four children. With my heart open to everyone to love and share. My arms outstretched, reaching out to everyone and those in need. Friends, I’ve got a good couple of them, there I can bring out my true self. My love for music and animals fit perfectly with my violin talent and ability to play comforting music for dogs like my own. I love reading, and of course books! I think that people who don’t like school, books, and the library, are mentaly insane. I even have a dream of my own to be a middle school librarian and author to young adults. But for now I guess that I just want people to see me as a listener, an advice giver, someone that they can just spill all the tea with. But after all, I am only me because everyone else is only them. You can’t change who you really are, only who you want to be.

Feb 17
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It was beautiful, but in a different way
The big store
All red 
A big sign says, "NINTENDO" 
The best store ever
In New York in Rockafeller Center
You walk in and BOOM
So many bright colors
Red and white
Best place ever!
So it is beautiful, in a different way.

Feb 17
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He was beautiful in a different sort of way….
Although he does laugh, a lot of the time
He has a caring heart
And beautiful eyes
He says he’s a fool
He says he is ugly.
But I disagree.

For the insides, what matters.
Oh, that outside is not key.
He might be somewhat scattered,
And his hair might be frizzy;
But he can surprise you.
The surprise is kindness.
Which he does not struggle with, at any moment of time.

So learn something now,
Before It’s too late.
No matter their name or their race,
Their culture, looks, and even their grades.
You, Me, I, And We……

Are all beautiful in our own ways.
Feb 17
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Her tail was a magnificent shade of orange tipped with just the right amount of white.  

She tended her pups so gently that even the slightest scratch would leave them weeping.

Her snout was an attractive white.

Her eyes were black as midnight.

Her ears would twitch to any sound.

This lovely mother fox should be considered an angel that has come down to the earth.

Her kindness was her beauty.

She was beautiful but in a different sort of way.

(By Leona Smith)
Feb 17
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A Different Way

It was beautiful,

But in a different sort of way.

It was weird,

And ugly at the same time.

It smelled like a sewer.

It was covered In mud.

It could barely walk.

It was as skinny

As a never-ever-fed dog.

But that's what it was.


That made it

Beautiful to me - 

In a different sort of way.