Feb 22
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I Am Leona Smith

I am Leona Smith,  the only daughter of parents with four children. With my heart open to everyone to love and share. My arms outstretched, reaching out to everyone and those in need. Friends, I’ve got a good couple of them, there I can bring out my true self. My love for music and animals fit perfectly with my violin talent and ability to play comforting music for dogs like my own. I love reading, and of course books! I think that people who don’t like school, books, and the library, are mentaly insane. I even have a dream of my own to be a middle school librarian and author to young adults. But for now I guess that I just want people to see me as a listener, an advice giver, someone that they can just spill all the tea with. But after all, I am only me because everyone else is only them. You can’t change who you really are, only who you want to be.

Feb 17
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It was beautiful, but in a different way
The big store
All red 
A big sign says, "NINTENDO" 
The best store ever
In New York in Rockafeller Center
You walk in and BOOM
So many bright colors
Red and white
Best place ever!
So it is beautiful, in a different way.

Feb 17
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He was beautiful in a different sort of way….
Although he does laugh, a lot of the time
He has a caring heart
And beautiful eyes
He says he’s a fool
He says he is ugly.
But I disagree.

For the insides, what matters.
Oh, that outside is not key.
He might be somewhat scattered,
And his hair might be frizzy;
But he can surprise you.
The surprise is kindness.
Which he does not struggle with, at any moment of time.

So learn something now,
Before It’s too late.
No matter their name or their race,
Their culture, looks, and even their grades.
You, Me, I, And We……

Are all beautiful in our own ways.
Feb 17
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Her tail was a magnificent shade of orange tipped with just the right amount of white.  

She tended her pups so gently that even the slightest scratch would leave them weeping.

Her snout was an attractive white.

Her eyes were black as midnight.

Her ears would twitch to any sound.

This lovely mother fox should be considered an angel that has come down to the earth.

Her kindness was her beauty.

She was beautiful but in a different sort of way.

(By Leona Smith)
Feb 17
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A Different Way

It was beautiful,

But in a different sort of way.

It was weird,

And ugly at the same time.

It smelled like a sewer.

It was covered In mud.

It could barely walk.

It was as skinny

As a never-ever-fed dog.

But that's what it was.


That made it

Beautiful to me - 

In a different sort of way.  

Feb 17
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Through the Woods

The trail leads on into this magical place that some call the woods.

The snowflakes glide softly to rest on tree branches if they're lucky.

I hear the repeating sound of the almost frozen river flow.

A tree, so grand and tall, smiles down on me with a sincere look of pride.

I’m alone and almost there,

The magical place seems to burst with life even in winter.  

The trees sway in the gentle breeze.

The birds chirp happily,

My worries are gone.

All is peaceful and calm,

I can't stay forever,

As much as I wish,

But every single little moment counts.
Nov 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Luck
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Really Really Bad Luck! Really Really Good Luck!

Really really bad luck!

Some people might say that I am to blame
for tornadoes, and yes hurricanes.
I really have bad luck we all really know I'm the bad luck person of a bad luck town.
When I walk through the streets all I can see
are millions of people just staring at me.
They yell “bonso” and “ billy” when that’s not my name
they mean it for me to have pain.
Yet to see the day where
I do win the lottery,
I don’t spill my drink,  
I don’t trip on the sidewalk.
I just want to have a non-bad luck day
with a non-bad luck
non- unlucky town.

Really really good luck!

Some people say that I am to praise
for equality, and the winners of yes even fortunes.
I really have good luck we all really know I’m the good luck person of a good luck town.
When I walk through the streets all I can see
are millions of people staring at me.
Nov 07
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The Gray Sky

I look at the gray sky,
It’s fluffy textures,
On the inside little lights
Flash like a party going on.
I feel the tiny little raindrops
On my face,
I feel the different sizes
On my cheeks.
It gets harder and harder
My rainboots filling up fast
Now the lights coming with a boom
Every time it surprises me,
I look down puddles forming
Around me, under me.
The wind gets harder and harder
Almost blowing me over,
I close my eyes for a second
And I found myself on the ground
My clothes absorbing the water
My clothes forming the shape of my body.
I get up again and run,
Run anywhere,
I get under a gazebo
And look, look at all my friends standing
In the rain all alone.
Oct 24
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Missing sock

Who would have thought

l lost my sock

All my life's work

of making it stink,

Oh I imagine,

oh what I think

of if I had powers

to find what I lost

To find what I love

I'd see what was hidden,

I’d see what I've lost

From inside of the house

to outside of the world

My runaway cat

My old magic hat...


 while I was thinking

I found my great sock!

Believe in yourself

Anything could happen

All you gotta do is think

And a door for opportunity will open.

Oct 24
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Long Lost Friend

It had been a long time, but now he was here,

I had always sensed he was near.

But when he came,

In his hand there was a frame.

In the frame there was a picture, of him and me.

I thought to myself, “It can not be.”

And when he reached me at the door,

My heart started to feel sore.

Behind those shining eyes I could see,

He really had missed me.

After warm supper,

He says he has to get back home; to his fixer-upper.

As my tears start to flee,

He says he will always come back for me.