Nov 10
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I’m a puppet
A doll
Reciting the lines
Dangling from strings
Making the moves
Any move
All the moves
To get to you
I do anything
Climb any mountain
Steal every star
Run any mile
To get to you
But I never get there
Though I sit through every session
Of watching her fight for you
I notice every glance
She throws at you
But no matter how hard I try
Knives slice through the strings holding me up
Fists tear through the papers I recite from
And you see right through me
Every obstacle I’ve gone through to get you
Every smile I’ve faked to trick you
Everything I’ve done to catch you
Is destroyed
By me
I don’t need to say my name
Because you already know who I am
You just don’t like what you see
Nov 10
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Number one
Make sure
You are perfect
No quirks
No flaws

Number two
Make sure
You are normal
You're blonde
You're short

Number three
Make sure
You are balanced
Make sure you are skinny
Make sure you have curves

Number four
Make sure
You are popular
Always pretty
Always flawless 

Number five
Make sure
You are confident
No insecurities 
No shallowness 

Oh whoops
Another oop
Looks like I broke all the rules again
Nov 10
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Dedicated to Sylvie.dee <3


Run as fast as you can


Don’t look back


Save yourself

I know pain

Don’t we all?

But this time 

Save yourself

Is what I want to tell you

Because I’m scared

I’m terrified


Is contagious 

An infection

A disease 

And I want to save you 

Protect you

From catching it

But it’s to late

I can already see

How you look at him

How you cry for him

How you’d die for him

It’s clear

But this time

It’s not like the crawling sickness

That lurks in the back of my mind

It’s different

It’s something

Words can’t describe 


You don’t need to drive away

Or shut off

Or throw out
Nov 10
poem 0 comments challenge: Starry
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The stars
They speckle the sky
Like the tears that dot her cheeks
The trees 
They twist and knot
Like the chains that bind her
The birds
They sing through the night
Like the sobs that shake her
The wind
It cuts and bites
Like the shame that kills her
But her smile
is prouder than her tears
And her love
is stronger than her chains
And her laugh
Is louder then her sobs
And her pride
Is bigger than her shame
So she can mold the anger
Mold the pain
Like clay
And turn it into
An army
Of emotions
A weapon
Of justice
A symbol
Of women 
Because her power
Is bigger than her fear
Because her sisters
Are bigger than her enemies
Because her love
Is bigger

Then anything
Nov 02
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Love is the paint brush
that we hold
across the canvas
of our life
love paints our dreams 
but it’s out choice
to fulfill them
love paints our bridges 
but it is our choice
to cross them
love paints our obstacles 
but it is our choice
to overcome them
Love paints our life
but it is our choice 
how we live it
Nov 01
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The day you gave me youre scrunchie
my heart swelled but I stayed calm
The moment you tackled me in front of the library
out of breath and luaghing 
The time I got tired of watching you flirt with other girls
and decided to give up
The afternoon we walked home together
you begged me to walk you to your house
The 3rd grade music class that you said you liked me in
wish it was still true
The thousands of times
you teased me about liking you
not knowing it has been my reality
all along
The night we stayed up talking on the phone
whispering secrets and giving advice
The evening we went downtown with our two friends
and they teased us like crazy
The days we wrestled over a pencil
infont of your locker
The times we brushed shoulders
in the hallway
The times I've friendzoned you
The times you've friendzoned me
The girls you dated
The boys who have left me unread
Nov 01
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What is going on?
what is this pattern that 
is on repeat?
You smile at me 
like I mean everything
but then
I'm back to nothingness again?
These thoughts are enraging
twisting my mind,
wringing it dry
begging for answers
all I get are more questions
Do you like me?
Of course not
Are we friends?
Thats it
Do I mean anything?