Oct 26


There is a dog that I have.

It growls, bites me.

It is always there.

I cower, it frightens me.

But sometimes, the company comforts me,

Because when the tears are endless,

It stays with me, wails with me,

Never says goodbye to me.

It is quite mean,

But it can be tamed.

It can never be caged,

But it can be restrained.

It has a name,

But most people don’t understand it.

It hides in the shadows when they look.

There is no explanation

No reason for it to have temptation,

But it bites all the same.
Oct 26

Middle School

Standing in front of the doors,
Wearing the white Converse that don't fit right
My hair burned into curls, 
Yet I still don't feel right.

Walking through the halls,
Glaring spotlights of glances and whispers
Never take a step wrong,
Like a massive game of Twister.

"She's so fat.", "She's too thin!",
Just some of the words heard through this din.
My feet are blistering, hair becoming flat
Feeling like people think that I look like a rat.

Friend groups and cliques that click
Shun out others that "just don't fit".
Like these agonizing shoes, these petrifying stares,
Why doesn't it seem like boys have to care?

If you're gay you're "weird",
If you're straight you're "normal"
How does behavior like this classify as normal?
Normal is supposed to be "being yourself"
But when I enter this building, I put myself on a shelf
Oct 24
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Simply Mara

It had been a long time, but now he was here. He was back. I was unsure if I wanted to hug him, slam the door in his face or slap him. 
“Um, can I come in?” he asked tentatively. I chose none of the three. Instead,
I nodded my head, turned my back with the door wide open and walked to the kitchen like I was sludging through slushy snow with bare feet. I heard the door creak shut as the kettle started to whine. Usually, I would jump because of my noise sensitivity, but the kettle mimicked the shrieking inside my brain. I said the first five words to him that I had said since he broke my heart five years ago. 
Oct 24

What part of me am I?

The leaves crunch as my body swirls

The colors surround me, envelop me as my old body starts to curl

Blown away with the wind as downy fur starts to envelop

My ears prick and my tail swishes as they start to develop.

An aura to a fox, nothing to something

I leap around the town, people look at me like I’m something.

The grinning pumpkins on people’s steps welcome me into this mess

The leaves twist through the air, performing a dance that’s nothing less than

Extraordinary. How extraordinary.

Still, I will never be extra ordinary.

I will last forever as other fade away

The sun supernovas while here I lay

My body feels the cold, my face burns with the heat

My stomach aches with hunger, my tongue tastes the sweet.

Even though all these things happen, I will stay forever.