Sep 27
poetry challenge: Heavens

The Moon and Its Stars.

I think the realest love out there is the moon and the stars.

They’re always together making eachother stand out.

No matter what the moons imperfections,

The difference in shape, color and size

The stars never shine without the moon.
Nobody really knows how long the moon and stars have taken over the next sky.

But if you ever lay out to watch the stars you see how the yellow glow of the moon reacts to the Brighter pale light of the stars.

They light up the sky.
Love is something indescribable,

It can be shown, felt. 

The way the moon and stars love is by always being side by side.

No matter the weather or bad conditions, 

They’ve represented and followed wedding vows, 

Before they were even created.  

Sep 07
poetry challenge: Women

Women of the future

My grandma once told me, "Everyone can be successful, but I believe women are our future."
I grew up learning about powerful women ambassadors, seeing how they impacted history.
Rosa Parks, fighting for African-American rights by sitting in the front of the bus.
Michelle Obama, being the first African-American First Lady.
I learned about how women became more successful in business, music, and in the government.
Hillary Clinton was one of the two candidates for the presidential election in 2016, and the first female to ever make it that far.
My grandma reminds me how important it is to get good grades so I could get into a good school and line up a future for myself.
By voicing my beliefs and opinions, I have the power to make a change in society.
Sep 03


Fall is a symbol of death.
In spring, flowers sprout, they begin a new life.
In summer, they are alive, projecting their vibrant color. 
The leaves were green, swaying in the wind, giving the tree more volume and life. 
But in the fall, everything dies.
The flowers shrivel up, the leaves change color and the air is cold.
The mornings are foggy, the grass is covered in dew, the sunsets are earlier.
Seasons are projected like your life.
You are born, you live, you die.
All in a vigorous cycle that has no promise of lasting. 
Everyday is a gift, every momet s a blessing and every second you waste is a curse. 
Everyting happens for a reason, value every second of it. 
Sep 03
poetry challenge: Light


Her face masqueraded; shielded to the people surrounding. 

She was unknown.

They saw her at night, dancing through the alleyways, her shadows floating in the streetlight.

Adrenaline was her best friend, It flowed through her veins.

She drove through the tunnels, screaming her name.

The people who knew her were strangers to the light.

She walked on the edge of the building, using both hands to balance her.

She sat down on the edge, face glowing from the lights of time square.

The air was cold, and something about it felt like home.
Aug 31


His body ignited like a flame with cancer cells. 
What was once a healthy anatomy of a human man, was now an Illuminate CT scan. 
They reproduced, havesting on the healthy blood that remained in his body. 
IT had power, IT took over and IT was quite literally killing him.
The cancer was sucking every ounce of energy out of his body, 
Fleeing the color of his skin, turning his body cold and pale. 
Everyday it burned to breathe, his lungs scorching in agony. 
His body had decreased in size, now exhibiting every bone, covered by a light layer of skin.
He wasn't recognizeable anymore. He was weak and fading away, nearing death by the second.
During his final hours, he had no strength left in him to say goodbye.
He squeezed my hand three times. 
"I love you."
Oct 14


i thought i was in love, 
but it was pain in camoflauge.
and now my hear breaks more every day. 
to tell the truth i can't believe we got this far.
it was a mascarade ball with the two of us dancing in the fire i created.
our relationship pasted together like a collage.
now i have a million things to say,
and you're gone. 
Mar 06

the simple man

I was a fool to leave and not think about how it would affect my future.
To think that you weren't important, just another book on the shelf.
Two years being in love with eachother, but I left for someone who wasn't worth my time. 
If we'd go again
All the way from the start
I would try to change
Things that killed our love

And erase the mistakes I made and unbreak your heart.
My heart has grown cold without you here, my love. 
You have buillt a wall, a shield to hide behind so you wouldn't see me coming back.
You hate me. 
And I love you. 
Yes, I've hurt your pride, and I know
What you've been through
You should give me a chance
This can't be the end.

Remember we're supposed to be soulmates, they predicted it. 
You played the song that includes the lyrics that are hilighted in bold, 
to show that you still loved me, after we fell apart the first time. 
Jan 01

i love you

i remember the exact words of the text i sent my friend when you left.
"help me, i can't breathe"
my eyes burned like never before.
my lungs were gasping for air like i was drowning in the dark sea.
my mouth, couldn't spit out words. 
i layed there, helpless and suffering. 
you said you loved me but couldn't handle us. 
i was damaged.
out of all the silent tears i cried for you, i managed to let the words "i love you" escape from my mouth,
 i told you a secret that nobody else knew. 
 just like that you were gone. 
and it hurts like hell,
yet i still want you.

Oct 29


The days where the image of your face isnt in my head are the best.

I was almost happy.

You ruined a lot of things for me. 

You took away my innocence

My willingness to speak

You took the words away.

You brought pain.

You took away my trust.

My friendships

You destroyed my reputation, and permanently broke a part of me.

I’m the one who has to suffer.

Apparently, all the good girls go to hell.

The only good days I have are the ones without you.

I don’t want to let this get to me but I can’t control it can I?
Jul 29

you've filled the missing piece of me.

Three years and not a single thing has changed.

The four seasons have passed twelve times.

We’ve grown older. 

We’ve made mistakes and got into trouble. 

But we never lost each other. 

Through everything we’ve been through we've managed to circle our way back to each other. 

Like an unbreakable force that has yet to be reckoned with. 

We’ve stood by each other in a time of need, building each other up.

We’ve gone through cycles of arguing and anger but we’ve managed to get through it all. 

But we are getting stronger, our feelings for each other are increasing. 

You claim to have fallen in love with me just by hearing my voice. 

“i love you”  is such a cliche, it is used excessively. 

But with you it’s different.

Those words come alive. 

Because with you, it means something.