May 30
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I Love iPhone

I miss the old iPhone, the no App Store iPhone
The black—not gold—iPhone, iOS 4 iPhone
I hate the new iPhone, “the one that grew” iPhone
“Too big for you” iPhone, the new “breakthrough” iPhone
I miss the sweet iPhone, the grey concrete iPhone
I gotta say, the device before you could tweet, iPhone
Steve Jobs invented iPhone, it wasn't any cell phone
And now I look and look around and there's so many iPhones
I used to love iPhones, I used to love iPhones
I even had the space gray one, I thought I was Tim Cook
What if Tim Cook made a song, about iPhone?
Called "I Miss The Old iPhone," man that'd be so Tim Cook
That's all it was iPhone, we still love iPhone
And I love you like Tim Cook loves iPhone
Mar 23
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The Corleone Chest

It all started the last time I stayed at my grandmother’s house for the weekend.

Graham Cracker (my nickname for my grandmother) had told me countless times not to ever go into the attic. No exceptions. Of course, being the curious person I was, I could not contain my curiosity anymore, so I wandered into the attic.

It was pitch black up there. Luckily, I had my phone in my pocket, which had a flashlight. I pointed the light toward the darkest corner of the attic. I noticed a big, older-than-Betty-White chest. I dusted it off, and I saw the name “Corleone” engraved on the top. Our family’s last name.

I wonder what’s inside, I thought. The chest was securely locked. Just kidding; I broke the lock by licking it… Weird.

I opened the chest. The lid flew open and a bright light shone from inside of the chest, enveloping everything in the attic with warm, white light.
Jan 07
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Alien Encounter

It wasn't the greatest landing. I got shaken this way and that, the aliens harassed me in a very unusual way, and now they're dropping me off from their big, white, spherical spaceships. I guess I have to jump down and hope to land on the cheap bridges they deployed. See the ship farthest on the left? That's the ship I'm in. God knows who or what was in the other ships, because as the middle ship dropped the bridge all I could hear was a high-pitched voice slowly moaning. I saw some goopy, slimy creature about the size of a car get dropped out of the right-hand ship. The giant creature consumed a human standing on the shore into its slimy body and just swam away. As you could probably guess, I'm getting a little creeped out right now. The bridge looks like it was made out of milk cartons ripped into strips, and a big chunk of the bridge is already ripped off from when the slimy creature plopped down. This gray alien is looking at me, kind of like he’s signaling for me to jump.
Oct 31
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The City That Never Sleeps

The City That Never Sleeps

The air tonight is glowing with light
The alleyways are full of creeps
The city life is lively tonight
In the city that never sleeps

Turtle Pond in Central Park
Glows with phosphorescent light
You can see the Empire State Building
Standing tall at a great height

A taxi almost broadsides 
a long white limousine
If you look in the window of the limo
Alec Baldwin can be seen

Times Square is
full o’ gigantic ads
The Freedom Tower is
made of steel and glass
In Central Park some signs say
“Stay off the grass”
But who is gonna
listen to that?

On the high line
People walking this way and that
Tourists biking the Brooklyn Bridge
Yo, “Ride Phat”
The Statue of Liberty
Holding her torch high
The glowing of her torch
Lights up the night sky
Mar 16
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The Twilight Station

     The train screeched to a stop as sparks bounced out from where the wheels and the track met. A layer of fog was draped over the station. You could feel the humidity in the air. The streetlights glowed orange in the cool, misty twilight. 
     Passengers bustled in and out of the train. The next stop was Tallahassee, a twenty-eight hour train ride from here in Atlanta.
     “All aboard!” the conductor yelled. The last few people quickly got onto the train. The doors closed, and with a loud whistle the train rumbled off into the distance.
Dec 03
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The Coat

      “It was the eyes, chocolate brown and always searching, that warned me to get into that candy shop, buy the 10 pound chocolate statue of Bombur the Dwarf, and eat the whole thing in one sitting, or I would regret not doing so for the rest of my life!” little Timmy exclaimed desperately to his mother.
      “That’s your excuse for eating all that chocolate?” Timmy’s mother replied, exasperated.  “You've got to be kidding me!”
      Timmy’s mother was exhausted. She had just gotten back from a meeting for her work, and she had not even had time to sit down; she still had her hat, coat, and gloves on.
      “I'm not kidding you,” Timmy said.
      “Go to your room!” Timmy’s mother yelled.
      “But Mom—.”
      “Go to your room, NOW!”