Jan 27
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First day of spring

As the sun rises on March 25th, I awake. For so long, I have been awaiting the first real day of spring. I know it is finally here when I feel that first touch of a warm breeze brush across my face. It is the day when the rays of the sun warm my skin, I see the birds return from their winter migration and when for the first time in months, I do not hear the crunch of snow under my feet. This day warms my insides and I imagine all the sunny days, weeks, and months of running, hiking, and playing, until the dreaded winter returns. These days are the best days. Days when I can’t help but smile. I can almost feel myself warming; thawing out after enduring the bitter winter. Everything feels better as I walk to school. The end of the school year feels near. I can nearly taste my freedom as I look forward to the three-month break that is summer.
Jan 15
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Earliest memory

     I remember watching and wanting to run. I remember running and wanting to win. I remember winning silver. I remember smiling and celebrating. I remember seeing my name in the newspaper. But I remember that after the euphoria wore off, I promised myself that next time I would win gold.  

Oct 30
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The view

The winter blankets the lone mountain covering it in snow,

As I trudge down this abandoned hillside I know it is worth the price below,

Ice crunches under my boots

I hear the owls hoots

This was the time animals went to roam,

A squirrel darted out of its hidden home,

The bitter wind whistled through the ripped trees

My teeth chattered like buzzing bees

But in the end a good view was worth it all.