Mar 27
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Apple Red

Emma has always wanted to dye her hair that beautiful fresh-picked apple red . When Emma got to the salon she sat in one of those deluxe chairs that spiral. A couple of minutes later her stylist got something that looked red but Emma was daydreaming about how many compliments she would get. When the stylist was done she innocently turned Emma’s chair around and Emma yelled, ‘’WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HAIR”! Emma’s hair was NEON PINK!!! Emma was fuming!
Nov 05
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      As she was sitting on the dock she was reflecting about how stressed she was about moving into her new house and if she had to move that meant she had to go to a new school. She was really hesitant about going to a new school because she wouldn't know anyone who went there she definitely didn't want what happened last year to happen again last year she got bullied by these two girls it was a horrible experience . Before she fled to go  on the dock she was ranting to her dad about how bad the her new school would be and ow no one would like her.