Jan 14

The Silent Song

    The moon glowed brightly, casting a silvery hue on the whole clearing. The tall grasses swayed peacefully to a melody only they could hear and the water lapped against the shore in a gentle rhythm. The stars soaked the sky like specks of bright paint on a dark canvas, dancing to an untaught choreography. Everything was so calm. But that was about to change. It came so fast that even the trees, standing tall and rustling lightly now and then to add the soft song coursing through the veins of the forest, didn't see it was coming. It came hurtling from all sides. Picking up leaves abanded on the forest floor and scattering them like confetti, whipping through the cool night air and crashing through fluffy white clouds. Howling words of an unknown language. And finally disappearing over the glittering horizon, just beginning to show the first signs of daylight.                
Dec 03

Start listening

Climate change is the most pressing issue right now. I think that solving climate change seems unachievable to lots of people because it is a huge concept that not many people bother to break down into swallowable chunks. They are scared because the task seems so daunting and they decide that if they can’t solve the whole problem overnight they might as well not do anything at all.

But here’s the thing, you don’t need to start with refreezing the polar ice caps or stop everyone cutting down the Amazon Rainforest. Imagine if everyone in your town carpooled more often so instead of ten people in ten cars, it would be ten people in two cars.

You might not think that would make much of a difference but it would pollute the air that much less, which is getting us somewhere. Mother Earth has been telling us for a while now that something needs to change and we don’t have time to look past that anymore.

So let’s start listening.

Sep 17


In every neighborhood, there is a scary house that no one would ever want to step foot in. For me, that house is right across the street. It's always dark except for a single flickering light that comes on whenever the clock strikes on the hour. It is tall and looks like it could be pushed over in the lightest of winds. There is a tall wrought iron gate with two horrendous looking gargoyles sitting on either side of the opening. But that is not the scariest part. If a person or even an animal tries to get in, the wind starts to howl and crows start to flock the dead branches around the house and a single black cat will run in front of the house, pausing only a moment to stare at you with eyes that shine like emeralds. This makes most people run for their life but then just as they cleared the gate and think they are free, an owl hoots and turns its head to look you in the eye. Right in the eye and you can’t seem to look away.
Sep 12

The Unknown

I look behind me at the sunlight that is flooding the clearing. I want to run back, shed my bag, let my skin soak up the warmth, and just stay lying in the tall grass forever. Instead, I turn back around and face the unfriendly looking woods. They are dark, cold, and full of mysteries. I hear a rustle and a snap of a twig somewhere beyond a huge oak tree that looked over 1,000 years old. I don’t know what lies before me, but I do know what's behind me and with that knowledge a take a step into the unknown.
Apr 04

Why you should always go to a salon

Beeeep. Beeeep. Beeeeeep. The timer goes off and I take my head out from where it was soaking in the bowl on the bathroom sink. My scalp stings a bit as I anxiously reach for the mirror. The cool metal of the mirror handle feels good in my clammy palms. I slowly lift up the mirror to get my first glimpse of gorgeous new hair. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I scream. I feel dizzy as I looked at the person in the mirror that had my face but not my hair. The more I looked at the mirror the dizzier I feel. Then the world turned sideways and everything turned black.  
Feb 11

In a different sort of way

When she looked at you, her eyes would sparkle in a full-of-magic way

When you looked at her clothes, they were ripped, dirty, and looked like rags

When she laughed, she filled you with an overflowing sensation of pure joy

When you saw her walk home, she went to a box in the park

When she listened to you, her face reflected all the right emotions

When you offered that she stay with you until she got a job, she laughed and walked away

When she was walking away, she called,

“I already have everything I need”

She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way
Feb 02


The noise in the background dulls. I can still hear my teammates' cheering voices but it's like they are yelling through a closed door.

I look down at the gray, carpeted floor, the gymnastics floor. There are little pieces of material that have come off from years of people flipping and falling. I imagine all the people who stood right here, in this very spot. I think of all the people doing what I am about to do.

I close my eyes and picture myself doing a flawless back handspring. My toes pointed, my knees locked out, and my hands reaching back and then landing on my feet.

I swing my arms forward and the few hushed voices I can still hear fade away.

It’s just me and my fear.

The thing I have been scared to do, the thing that has been holding me back from getting first place, the thing I want to be able to do so much.

Then I fling myself backwards.

Dec 12


Every time the snow falls down
Elegant snowflakes dance to the ground
Though each one is different and very small
It doesn't really matter at all
So why do we look at just their skin
When so much more lies within

We see their icy crystal form
But fail to notice what matters more
They may not be the same at all
But in the end that fact is small
They are as different as they are alike
But should all be the same when it comes to flight

Every time the snow falls down
Elegant snowflakes dance to the ground
Though each one is different and very small
It doesn't really matter at all
So why do we look at just their skin
When so much more lies within.

Oct 29


   The chairlift takes me higher, I am over the snow covered trees now. A frozen waterfall slips behind me as I climb higher. I raise the cold metal bar and slide off the seat which has a dusting of snow which is now lightly falling. I push off and start to glide. The sensation as I fly down the mountain is pure freedom. Everything else disappears as I pick up speed on the cloud like snow. There's no other way to put it. I feel free.