Jan 30
fiction 0 comments challenge: Wind
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The Antagonizing Ticking

I was about to pick up the money I found on the rough concrete outside when I heard a noise. It was like nothing I had ever heard. Up until this point I was having one of the best days of my life. I had a great day at school and I just found out I was going to have a younger sister. I’ve wanted to have a sibling ever since I was a little kid. My mom told me when I got home from school and we decided to celebrate by walking down to the waterfront and getting ice cream. It was pretty warm but there was a breeze and it was getting late so there was going to be mosquitos. Everyone seemed to be energetic and in a good mood because summer vacation was starting in just 2 weeks. The trees were bright green and there were tons of dandelions scattered across the cold, wet grass. I was walking with my mom and my dad when I slipped and fell on the concrete, scraping my knee. I looked down and under my foot was an $100 bill. That’s when I heard the noise.
Mar 26
fiction 0 comments challenge: Dye
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Yellow Giraffe!

My friends have been talking me up a lot lately, they want me to get my hair dyed. I’ve always wanted to do it but I've never had the confidence. I think I want to dye it totally neon yellow. Most kids at school know we as the quiet kid. So it’s probably gonna be pretty weird when they see me. I’m going to dye it after school later today. I’m gonna do it in my bathtub so I don’t get yellow dye everywhere. After I get home from school I head upstairs to wash and dry my hair. I get the tin foil and the yellow dye from my bathroom mirror. I rub the dye in and wait for half an hour. After I wash my hair, I rub the mist off of the mirror and realize that I’ve turned into a giraffe. I can’t believe the change and foolishly run out of the bathroom, I haven't realized how long my neck is and my head hits the top of the door while I’m running out of the bathroom. Apparently, my mom discovered a passed out giraffe lying in her bathroom and decided to call animal services.
Oct 30
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Basketball Means

Basketball means long, grueling days of playing in the hot sun, watching game tape and trying new moves from your favorite players you’ve just seen on TV. Basketball means fun pickup games with your best friends until the sun goes down. Basketball means focusing on yourself and pushing aside what other people say about you and instead working until you’re better than them. Basketball means teamwork and building character. Basketball means helping people instead of putting them down. Basketball means getting through the tough workout so you can get to the exciting scrimmage at the end of the practice. Basketball means finishing your school work and getting good grades so you can play, because when your a student athlete, STUDENT comes before the athlete part. Basketball means hanging on your pull-up bar for hours in the hope that it somehow makes you taller when your a grown up.