Jan 31
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 So in my room I have a closet and in the closet is a hole in the ceiling like a crawl space but you need a ladder to get up there. And every night I hear creaks above the ceiling like inside the crawl space its weird. My light flickers every night at about 12:22 am.and the street lights flicker when I look out my window some time i hear a howl  from outside. And when I go down the stairs I feel like something is watching me from the window. Late at night  sometimes the bathroom faucet  always drips and it is really creepy. And my fan makes creaks like it will fall on my head.   

Mar 13
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Gray Hair Forever

After I did not read the fine print on the bottle my hair started to turn white then started to fall out. When it fell out I felt tremendously sad.  Then I went online to see if there is anything to help hair loss. Then I found something to get all your hair back, but it will always be gray. So I had to make a choice to get my hair, but it will always be gray.  
Feb 06
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Middle-of-the-night Texts

It was one of those middle-of-the-night texts when an official phone alert wakes you up from a deep sleep. It says, "We are under attack. Lock your doors and bar your windows." Hundreds of random numbers are sending, "Let me in."  The planet Earth is under attack by pencil sharpeners. A dumb teacher created them and now they are attacking the world. They are shoving people in the sharpener and shredding them into pieces and then taking people’s phones and texting them, “Let me in!”, so they can sharpen them into flaming, hot pieces.  It shreds the people and torches them after they are shredded. Some of them do this because they are electric and some do not because they are just hand-held pencil sharpeners.
Oct 30
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sunset at the dock

Today I got a dog (puppy)  and a cat (kitten).  I am really excited. I went to tell (announce to)  all of my friends. But my friends did not care that made me sad (depressed). So I went to the docks to make me feel better. I like watching the sunset (twilight sky)  it makes me feel good about myself.