Mar 22
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The Key

    My earliest clear memory is probably in 4th grade during a basketball game and it was the semi-finals. I was nervous to play. My team was nervous. And my coach was nervous.

The game start and we won the jump. I caught the ball and passed it to Noah. Noah brung the ball up the court and we ran our play. I ran to the post and set a pick for Noah, I rolled of the pick and Noah passed the ball back to me. I caught the ball and kicked it out to another one of my teammates. They shot and missed, I grabbed the rebound and put it back up getting the foul call.
“On the floor, #41 black with the hold” The whistle was loud even they opposing team knew I guessed based off their face expressions. “I got it.” one of my teammates said but I replied back with “Nah, I’ll take it” as I grabbed the ball out the ref’s hands. I passed the ball to Noah at the key he pulled up for the three and he banked it in.

“Timeout!” the opposing coach yelled, his face red and tired.
Oct 30
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The Move

The girl on the dock got very grieved, do to her having to move to a whole different city and state because of her father’s business job. And she’s going to miss all of her friends and close relatives. And she’ll be going to a whole different school with different types of attitudes, personalities and interest. She will have to start all over again with a new life and trying to make friends, which can be hard for a girl like herself. Her favorite sport volleyball isn’t very well-known where their moving and she will no longer play on her team with her friends and her coach. Also, on top of all this her mother isn’t a sure about the immense change. Because she is already greatly satisfied where she is right now in life. And without her father it will be quite hard difficult for her mother to pay the bills on her own. So right now she is just alone and pondering about what she’s going to want to do and say about all this.