Jan 24

A little taste of hunting from the wind

 Itś the weekend again and it's November, which means that it is a hunting weekend. Were loading the truck(My Dad, sister and I) and my brother comes over and asked us if he can come. My Dad asked him if he has everything ready to go then. He said that he does and he brought his own food so he doesn ́t need ours. Were on the road and my Dad says that we need to be on the lookout for the deer. It's windy and that means that itś colder than normal so there are going to be moving to keep warm. We go farther up North and it starts to snow so I start looking for tracks before my Dad tells us to. I see none so far, until we get close to camp. I see that there is a whole herd of them from there tracks and there fresh too. We get to camp and we set up for the weekend, by unloading the truck and getting the stove on so we don't freeze half or more to death.
Mar 26

The devil baby

   I go to wake up Charle and I know once I wake him up, his eyes are a completely different color. They were a beautiful light blue but now they are a hideous black making look like the devil possessed him. When my Ma saw him she said the same thing, she said the devil was always such a swine because he could not see God's true beauty in life. She also said that I should take him the doctors. So I got him an appointment later that day. When the doctor looked at him he had said that he was perfectly normal except for the eyes. He said that we could give some eye drops for it though and you should see an immediate result. When I put the eye drops in him while he was lying down and they did not change at all. I start to worry. I start to breath heavy and shake. I start to shut down. I start to see black I start to fall, Nicole came by a little while ago and she sees what is happening. She comes to me as I fall. I completely black-out.
Oct 30


     What I love is my cats. My cats are very loving at night which I love because I want to cuddle at night all the time and they don´t sleep with me though. It is kinda sad because I like to hear cats purr as I fall asleep. I know because I have fallen asleep with one of my brothers cats. One of my cats looks like a inside of a snickers bar that is why we named her snickers and the other is onyx, we named her that because she was all black like the black onyx ring. Snickers doesn't like onyx and she will start  fight with her. Snickers will eat all the time and she does not let her sister eat quite often. They used to like going outside all the time and now they (mainly snickers) just sleep and ask for loving all the time. It is funny when we have a can that we open they think that it is tuna and sometimes it is not tuna.