Feb 10
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The real damage of our smartphones

I sometimes wish it would just disappear, this tiny tool that was created to call people but now it’s where all the rumors and lies are told and started. The mean stuff that people feel they can say just  because they can't see the damage they are doing to a person at their school or even a person they don't know, this tool what makes bullying so easy nowadays. Kids don't know what they’re saying can sometimes push a child or adult off the edge making them want to hurt themselves.Parents can see what's going on because their child is hiding everything that happens on their smartphone, and teachers can't either because this isn’t happening in person, it's happening on this little thing called a smartphone. I ask myself what it would be like if we didn't have smartphones, maybe there would be less bullying, and maybe there would be less adolescent suicide cases and/or attempts, maybe it will be the start of a better future for our children, grandchildren and so on.
Jan 16
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5 things to tell myself

If I were to go back 8 years and tell my 5 year old self and I would tell her

Do not listen to your brother when he says I have a fun game but it involves fireworks, throwing you to China or even a BB gun.

Cherish your time with mama… Life is shorter than you think.

Stop acting bratty and like a snotty person

When you leave for Germany don't think that it's gonna be horrible.c

Listen and live in the moment don't worry about the future.
Oct 27
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My place

The air light snow falls on the road below. Filling the nighttime sky with a magical light.It takes me away every year.To a place where everything is perfect, no one is dying and I dont feel like im dying on the inside. I’ve always asked if this place will be here next year, Or if I will always have this magical feeling when snow falls. But no one answers, they never do. How can no one ever see the pain i’m in, not even my best friend. But that is probably my fault, I try to hide all my problems with a quick little smile every once in awhile, Thinking that I can also trick myself, amazing to see how one even fake smile can change what people see in you. The only thing I can hear is  the crackling of the fire in the other side of the room, what a sound. The orange light bouncing off the walls like it's dancing. How can something look so happy when it's not? How? The steam of t hot cocoa covers my face, making me feel sleepy. I turn my head beforehand get up.
May 06
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Donald who ?

Jan 06
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My New Years Resolution

My New Years Resolution - By Chloe Baur 

For my New Years  resolution I would like to start being nicer and more thoughtful towards other people because I have noticed that sometimes I can be really mean and a little over the top with just not being kind to other people other than my friends. Also for my New Years resolution I want to be more cautious about how I myself treat the planet by recycling more and riding my bike more you know just stuff that's better for the environment, and the reason I chose to be more cautious about how I treat the earth is because somebody told me that by 2046 there could be no more marine life in the oceans. Another thing on my New Years resolution is to be appreciative of what I have because with this whole Syrian refugee stuff it has opened up my mind about how Americans always want more and these people don't even have a home. 

Oct 26
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I feel the cold air on my bare hands.
I catch the star shaped snowflakes on my tongue. 
I leave my footprints in the pure white  powdery snow.  
I have snow ball fights with my brother.
I spend the cold winter nights inside by the warm, crackling fire.
I sit inside with friends and family while the wind howls. 
I sleep in my warm bed on these cold winter nights.
I drink hot cocoa after playing in the snow.