Just wondering

I can't wait for winter,
for the time when I wake up
and I hear my Mom tell me
that it's a snow day, 
when I can charge down the hallway,
and practically slam down 
my sister's door.
"Wanna crosscountry ski?"

But, I'm just wondering
which winter will be our last
good year of skiing?
Which will be the year,
where by the time that we
wake up the snow will be slushy?
I'm just wondering 
if I have a kid, whether or not
they will be able to learn
to crosscountry ski in the same
backyard that I learned from.
The backyard that I grew up
watching my sisters sled down hills,
make paths to ski on,
and making forts in the snow.

I'm just wondering
how it'll feel when I have kids,
the moment when they
look me straight in my eyes
and ask me what ever happened
to the beautiful woods.
I'm just wondering
why isn't there a mandatory

Lindsay's day take one and two

Lindsay's Day Take One

She wakes up and jumps out of bed.
Eats eggs and bacon covered in red.
The next thing she knows,
she has monsters to teach. And 
when she drives, she skims real close
to a car covered in bleach.
Then she remembers, she forgot her lunch
and drove back in a rush.
Swerving and speeding,
Curving and beeping, are all in
Lindsay's day.

Lindsay's Day Take Two

"Okay", she said. 
"Today I'm more experienced."
So no more weird expirements.
I drove to school,
remembered my lunch.
jumped in the pool without a hunch.
Life went smoothly with out a doubt,
until the time we learned about trout.
We watched one suffer,
red and Orange bluffers.
And then it died. And I threw up.


You chose to be bored
not me, you were the one
who decided not to grasp the moment.
Instead you took it as a time
to think about not hanging out with friends
or not doing a fun project. 
You claimed you were bored.
Sometimes when we're bored
we have to think to ourselves, and
know that this moment might be peaceful,
because your next month is jam packed.
So remember when you're bored,
stay positive, and make the situation
not boring, but fun.

The Winter trail

Every year when winter comes we gather all our gear
Our boots, and skiis, hats, and gloves will keeps us 
out there long. 
I could stay forever with the snow covered evergreens
and skiing down steep hills
the dares and promises we make to do them 
really gives me the chills
when we head out to the trails in the woods
we ski out to an area, the hills so big and long, 
I couldn't wait to do them, and see who really falls.
The trees are and hills are beautiful here, with the sun
seeping through them like the rainbow in the storm.
 We almost stay here forever, 
with our frozen toes and fingers
but we know to do it tommorrow 
and cross our fingers it snows