Sep 16

City of Lights

It reaches up to meet the sky,
Bright gold against the black of night.
The Eiffel Tower glows with warmth—
Surrounded by yellow lights.
The city of Paris and I.

The clock chimes ring, striking midnight.
People gather to watch the show,
Cigarettes glow, they cheer in awe—
At the tower, sparkling in white.
The city of lights and I.

A wind rips through the summer air,
A chill escapes into the night.
Red headlights fluoresce in the street,
As crowds admire the beautiful sight—
The city of wonder and I.

Intertwining with old and new—
Paris, au revoir, to you.

Apr 14

The Queen of Winter

Snowflakes plummet from a black sky:
A flurry of fallen feathers.
The queen of winter’s icy, cold tears—
Her sorrow escapes through weather.
She is not ready to let go,
Grasping on to time before spring;
When all the buds emerge, anew, 
When all the birds begin to sing.

When spring arrives, both green and gold,
She knows it is time to depart;
But she will return, soon enough—
You cannot change her icy heart.
Though she cannot linger any longer,
Her heart is cold, but her grief is stronger.
Apr 14

Winged Creature

As I walked the abandoned streets alone,
And into the dark, eerie dead of night,
I saw a bird flying up and away,
A black silhouette against the moonlight.

It called out to me—a desperate cry—
Of suffering, of sorrow, and despair.
I saw it had a broken, feathered wing;
It could fly and soar no more through the air.

I understood the poor bird’s anguished call,
For we all are wounded and broken, too.
But once we are healed, we can fly once more—
It is from up high that we see the view. 

We are all fragile and delicate things—
But from our downfalls, we emerge with wings.

Feb 18

Great Expectations

Expectations lead to broken hearts
A path with twists and turns
Suddenly a dead end appears
And so they fall apart    

Will you believe deceit?
Or will the truth defeat?
Expectations entangle us
On our lies they feast

Expectations can consume
As you yearn for more 
An apple once grew from a tree
Now there’s only an abandoned core
Dec 12

Eden may be Paradise -

Dec 02

The tree’s long branches stand Exposed -

Nov 22

The Sun Bleeds a Crimson red -

Nov 22

Entropy reigns supreme -

Nov 16

The Lamppost

As I strolled along an abandoned lane
I came upon a lamppost
That cast a shadow in the rain
An imitation, like a ghost

The fog uplifted, the moon revealed
The stars emerged a molten-gold
The lamppost stood, unconcealed
A remnant of the old

The lamppost crackled, but did not light 
An emblem of life that used to be
A deserted town, not a soul in sight
The remains of humanity