Jan 31

Brainstorming IV - S&J


If you've ever read Rick Riordan, this may sound familiar to you -
A boy discovers that his father is a Norse god. His mother gives him an address, but when he arrives it is (totally not Dunder Mifflin) a paper manufacturing company. When the boy meets his dad, he's utterly embarrassed, until wooshy-woo magic, and he proves how cool he is.

Trust me, it'll make a lot more sense later.

Jan 30

Brainstorming III - S&J


Jace Rain, an amazingly gifted twelve-year-old, has never been a part of anything. His twin brother was the star of the family until he died. So, when Jace is given an offer to finally belong to something, a NASA-type group called the STrategic ORder of Media, or STORM, he is baffled. He doubts he has what it takes, and the assistant director of the group, the youngest-joined STORM member ever, having done so at age 15, has no wish of having his record snatched from him. In the end, Jace finally pushes through his self-doubt, joining STORM at last.

Jan 30

The Most Special Place

Jace Rain: A twelve-year-old boy. He is incredibly smart. He’s an athlete. He could go the distance. And yet he has never felt like he was worth it. Self-doubt surrounds him like metal to a magnet. He was never his parent’s favorite. He has been homeschooled the past twelve years of his life, never interacting with another human being besides his family. It’s not a question of whether or not he amounts to anything 一 it’s whether or not he believes that he does.
Jan 28

Fascinations and Character - S&J

I am fascinated by people who break the rules
I am fascinated by people who take a stand
I am fascinated by people who imagine impossibilities
I am fascinated by people who push themselves and others
I am fascinated by people who are a little weird
or a lot weird
I am fascinated by people who improvise
I am fascinated by people who put it all on the line
I am fascinated by people who shrink away from the spotlight
    or push toward it
I am fascinated by people who make everything fall away
    and put it right again.
I am fascinated by people who are talented beyond belief
I am fascinated by people who put in the effort
I am fascinated by people who brave the dangers of the great unknown
I am fascinated by people who explore uncharted waters
I am fascinated by people who play hard
    but work hard, too
I am fascinated by people who believe they can fly
Dec 23

Never Stop

I slump on the couch,
as my first day on the job
comes to an end.

Eleven is too young
to be babysitting,
I think to myself,
as the soft snores
of my two annoying
four-year-old cousins
fill the house
with feelings of triumph.
I did it, at the very least.
I grin.

Now I just have to wait
till my parents
come to pick me up.

I grab the remote
and turn on the television.
The bright lights
flicker and dance
before my eyes.

The room seems to grow stuffy
in a comforting way,
and the squeaks and pops and yelps
of the TV
fade into the background.

My eyelids droop.
They feel so heavy,
as though the weight of the world
presses them down.

I figure I can take a nap.
Mom can wake me up
when she arrives.

The kids were in
a deep sleep
Dec 14
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites

You're A Winner

I set the catapult on the small patch of grass I was able to reserve for the lowest price possible. I pulled down the trigger and pressed one of my knees into it to keep it steady. Then, I pulled my kite from my leather knapsack, holding it out in front of me. I admire its beauty: the carbon frame supporting the subtle yellow sail, the color of a dandelion on a warm, summer day, like today. I looked over the entire kite, examining the bridle, checking the spine. When I was satisfied, I pulled a smooth, round, ebony object from my pocket 一 the “brain” that would allow my kite to fight. I pushed the ON button, then pressed the device into the fabric of the sail. After a moment, it melted away, and it was as though it had never existed. Except, now the kite felt different 一 rejuvenated 一 humming with energy, as though ready to begin. I smiled. “You’re a winner,” I whispered.
Dec 11


The sky darkens. The yellow glow of the sun fades, first to pink, then to orange, then to red. Finally, everything is swallowed by the intense blackness of the night.

A layer of clouds blankets the sky. There are no stars to be seen, nor a visible moon to glimmer on the surface of the ocean.

Bats screech overhead, their beady red eyes standing out in the blackness.

It starts to rain. Thick black drops oozing from the gutters and exploding on the ground.

The wind roars. The rain hammers down. But the wind is not the enemy. It has come to assist you, and ally with you. It overpowers the clouds and drives the storm away.

All is peaceful once more.

Dec 11

Magnum Opus


Pluto stepped into his workshop. He scanned the area. In the corner, a shelf of mud and clay pulsed with energy. Pluto smiled coldly, then glanced down at the ebony ball resting in his hand. He finally had it! The last thing he needed to overthrow his brother Jupiter and claim control of the world….

Pluto strode over to the shelf. Resting on its first level was a sphere no bigger than a grapefruit. It glowed angry red. “Fire,” Pluto mused, taking into account the forest that he had burned to the ground to find it. He moved on.

Next was an orb of as deep a blue as the ocean itself. “Water,” said Pluto, remembering the journey into the deep that he had taken to retrieve it.

On the next shelf was a triplet of orbs: the first milky white, the next sepia, the last purple.
Dec 10
poem 1 comment challenge: Power

The Power of Tolerating Vegetables

Have you ever
Wanted to
Just be able to
Sit and chew

Those disgusting greens
On your dinner plate
To stop you from
Feeling faint

Artichoke, carrot,
Spinach, beet.
I would rather
Chew on feet.

If I had a power
I would wish
To get those vegetables
Off my dish!

But how would my parents
Let me be?
I’d have to eat them 一

But with this power,
Well, down the hatch!
Vegetables have
Met their match!

I’ll freely explore
The nutritious world
While everyone else
Is ready to hurl.

And when I’m at the
Dinner table,
I will eat my